This Is How People Knew They'd Met "The One"

Normally I find all of the Valentine's Day stuff way too cheesy but, though this is certainly cheesy, this Hallmark #CareeEnough video has me a little more emotional than usual. Basically they asked six couples to talk about how they knew they'd found The One, and a bucket-load of cuteness and rainbows follow. Seriously. It's so sweet I kind of want to vomit but also cry but also eat a Snickers.

Even better, the video is inclusive. It shows gay and lesbian couples, as well as people of color and all ages. It just shows everyone being super adorable forever. But then they all give each other the same Hallmark Valentine's Day card, and I have to say that the card underwhelmed me a bit.

It's worth checking out the video yourself, if you like to watch sweet couples kissing a lot and and saying nice things to each other and more gazing into each other's eyes than in every Richard Curtis combined. You can see the video here:

Here are my favorite moments from the V-Day Video:

It starts out with some smooching and then— Oh? What's this? An obscenely beautiful lesbian couple staring at each other than more adoration than how I look at a bagel? And saying how much they love each other. No big deal.

Or this man explaining how his friend saw this girl while they were in line and said the two of them would be together and he was right. Look at how she's looking at him. Look at it. Nothing I every do will be that perfect.

Oh and this woman— explaining how she gave him her number but said he'd never call. And guess what? Guess what!? HE STILL HAS THE DAMN PAPER SHE WROTE IT ON BECAUSE THEIR CUTENESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

This lady just talking about how the first time they held hands it was magical. That's the word she used— magic.

These three have "more than love". OK, we get it. The girl with the pigtails and the pink bow. You're the loveliest couple ever, no need to rub it in. FFS.

There version of love is apparently just being silly and laughing together. Which makes sense because this girl apparently laughs like a freaking angel, and not like orgasming hyena like I do. Oh, and they actually used the phrase "tickle fights".

"Everything she is, I need." I can't. I can't even.

And now they all give each other a card. The same card. Cute, I finally see what's happening here. I mean it had to be selling something. And it is the Hallmark holiday. But wait... Wait..

"You're my person"— isn't that sh*t from Grey's Anatomy?! Like, I didn't even watch Grey's Anatomy, and I feel like I know that's from Grey's Anatomy. You couldn't do better than that, Hallmark? It's your holiday. Really?

Check out the video here:

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Images: Hallmark/Youtube