7 Valentine's Day Ideas For The Laziest Couples

It seems like the holidays just ended, but Valentine's Day is already on the horizon. So what are some low-key ways to celebrate Valentine's day? And by low-key, I mean lazy, aka burned out on gift-giving, stressed out from post–holiday chaos or just altogether hungover from the frenzied present-exchanging that can be the holidays. I also mean lazy, as in the dictionary definition: Unwilling to work or use energy. (Thanks, New Oxford American!) Sometimes the thought of actually going out and putting effort into your relationship is just soooo tiring. Why @ life.

Blame it on Christmas, or Storm Jonas, or the fact that it has been one big icicle outside, but everyone seems plum tuckered out. But if you're still going to muster up your flagging energy to celebrate V-Day, just like every other couple ever, you can do so in the comfort of your own home, or at least your own neighborhood. If the cavernous chasm that is Valentine's Day is looming large this year for you, don't fret. You can still very quietly whisper "Happy Valentine's Day" to your partner without breaking the bank, breaking your neck — or breaking up.

1. Staycation

Call me lazy for shouting out this lazybones dream hang, but it's a go-to for a reason: Staycations are, simply put, the best. The rules: Stay home. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. When you're hungry, order food. When you're thirsty, make delicious drinks. Watch approximately ten thousand movies. Don't do any laundry. Don't do any home improvements. Pretend you are in Ibiza, San Sebastián, Paris — wherever you really would go, given the time, money and energy to travel for V-Day.

2. DIY Presents

Forgo the hackneyed chocolate-and-flowers routine and give the gift that keeps on giving: Trade playlists tailored perfectly to each other's audio tastes. If this sounds like too much work, just go online, search for "classic romantic playlists," throw a few of those babies together with a "Thinking of you" note, and call it a day. Très lazy.

3. Write A Card

Put an embargo on gifts altogether and just trade cards. It may not take a ton of physical effort to write a card to your partner with some thoughtful words, but everyone likes a gentle reminder that they are loved. Extra lazy points if you just buy a Valentine's Day card at the nearest drugstore and sign it.

4. Send Flowers

You know what's lazy? Going online, clicking a few boxes, and sending flowers to someone. This one, though technically lazy on the difficultly scale, also doesn't totally qualify as lazy, as it's such a nice gesture. It's also not financially lazy. But if you're willing to overlook these two small details, sending flowers is still totally lazy. Green light.

5. Order In From The Place You Always Order From

Hang around all day, do whatever, and then at night, order the same pho you order twice a week from the same Vietnamese place down the street. Eat it. Wish each other a happy V-Day. Go to sleep.

6. Hire A Housecleaner

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like not having to clean the toilet. Give yourself — and your partner — a break and spring for a professional housecleaning service. Then bask in the glow of your lemon-scented home, and go to bed not angry, because there are no dirty socks on the floor about which to start a fight.

7. Name A Star

For the infinitely lazy price of $19.95, Name a Star Live's least expensive option allows you to name a star after your partner and print for them, on the spot, a "letter-size, Digital Star Certificate that displays the name of their star, their star’s astronomical coordinates, and a personal message you can compose." In other words, if today is February 13 and you just realized that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, NBD. For the slightly less lazy but infinitely more cheap (and shady), just make your own "Digital Star Certificate" and tell your partner that you named a star after them. They'll never know the diff.

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