These Super Bowl Throwbacks Are A Must-See

We live in a technologically advanced world, where the likes of CGI and high definition videos are almost as common as the sun rising and setting. But regardless of how far we've come digitally, there will always be a special place in my heart for how things used to be back in the day. And for me, that refers to the good ole '90s. In fact, I pretty much find any reason I can to talk about that time period. So, naturally, with the Super Bowl 50 just days away from kick-off, I started thinking about the most important part of this sporting event: the commercials, and how much they've changed since I was a kid. Sure, they may have been lacking in the special effects department, but there's no denying that the '90s and 2000s produced some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

From Budweiser's iconic frog schtick to an insane amount of Pepsi commercials (seriously, there was a ton!), these ads knew what they were doing and offered up many contributions to the pop culture world that we still talk about even today. But just in case you need a little refresher of just how great these promos were, let's journey down nostalgia lane and relive the magic that these Super Bowl commercials evoked.

1. The One Where Shaquille O'Neal Met His Match

Shaq may have dominated on the basketball court, but this adorable kid proved that not even a legendary athlete can come between someone and their beverage of choice.

2. The One With The Budweiser Frogs

Who knew that three simple syllables could go on to have such a profound impact on the world?

3. The One That Inspired Space Jam

This Air Jordan vs. Hare Jordan may have been the first time Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny teamed up together, but it certainly wouldn't be the last. Like Bugs wisely predicts: it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

4. The One With the Acrobatic Grandma

We can only hope to be as cool as her when we get older.

5. The One With Bud Bowl II

It may not have the cuteness of the Puppy Bowl, but it's still pretty great, you have to admit.

6. The One For Food Lovers

It doesn't matter how attractive a guy is, when it comes to sharing food, Miss Piggy is not having it. I've honestly never related to her more than in this moment.

7. The One Where The Work Struggle Is Very Real

"I want to claw my way up to middle management." "I want to have a brown nose." "I want to be a Yes man." This Monster.com ad was the perfect blend of honesty and sarcasm that you may not have fully appreciated as a kid, but certainly will as an adult.

8. The One With The McDonald's Showdown

Because what's better than watching Larry Bird and Michael Jordan compete for a fast food meal by way of a complex game of HORSE?

9. The One With All The Wassups

It became both a cultural phenomenon and a perpetual dad joke, so I'm not entirely sure whether to be grateful or annoyed with this one.

10. The One With The Wassup Parody

Substituting the iconic "wassup?" with "what are you doing?" was a genius move and one that still makes me laugh today. Well done.

11. The One With The Talking E*Trade Baby

Don't act like you didn't find these commercials hilarious. (And a baby being more financially savvy than me feels pretty accurate.)

12. The One With The Cat Herders

So many cats. THAT'S THE DREAM!

13. The One With The Singing Sock Puppet

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll start experiencing some serious Lamb Chop flashbacks.

Image: screengrab/Volkswagen