You Need These Period Hacks In Your Life

by Lily Feinn

Let's not beat around the bush here — getting your period sucks. Luckily, BuzzFeed has graciously put together a period hacks video to help out when it's that time of the month again. Now, I wish I could stand before you #periodproud or feeling like a #menstrualwarrior, but every 28 days or so, I feel like I'm fighting a bloody battle with my body (and sadly, I always lose).

Having a period can be messy and painful, not to mention expensive. The cost of pads and tampons each month is ridic! Add that to the chocolate and cheese expenses necessary to get through the cycle and stay sane, and it becomes pretty costly. But it's not just your wallet that's hurting — it's also natural to feel overly emotional and agitated during your menstrual cycle, thanks to our old buddy PMS. Seems to me like we're getting the raw end of the deal here, when you add it all up.

When Aunt Flo comes for a visit and brings all her baggage, it can gets in the way of being productive and living normal life. Surely, there must be something we can do? BuzzFeed has separated fact from folklore, and presented in their video some key tips to help curtail and manage period symptoms. See if you know all the answers to the period questions bellow — some of facts might surprise you!

When Should I Start Taking Meds For My Cramps?

My mother always recommended that I start taking ibuprofen the second I got my period. However, due to my procrastinating nature, I usually wouldn't pop any pills until it was too late. I could have avoided pain and spent those hours clutching a hot water bottle to my stomach waiting for the medicine to kick in more wisely, had I just taken her advice.

What Should I Eat?

Oh. My. Gosh. YES PLEASE!

What Should I Avoid Eating?

Many of us can attest that when we are about to get our period there is nothing we desire more than stuffing our face with salty chips, salty pretzels, or just salty salt. This is a common craving brought on by natural premenstrual changes and it tends to especially affects women in their 20s and 30s. Great, I know! Eating salty foods unfortunately will make you retain water and feel more bloated and uncomfortable. To minimize these cravings, physicians recommend drinking plenty of water and getting exercise.

Will Getting Drunk Help?

An oncoming period is enough to make anyone want to indulge in a drink. When I'm suffering from cramps, I tend to comfort myself with a glass (or bowl) of wine. But until now, I had no idea that alcohol could actually be making my symptoms worse!

To see all the helpful tips and tricks, check out the entire video here:

Images: pixabay, BuzzFeed/YouTube