NYC Vs. LA Singles: Who Goes On More Dates?

When you’re young, single, and living in a major city, dating can either be the best thing in the world if you’re looking for casual fun with many different options, or the worst, if you’re looking for commitment. As part of Match’s 2016 Singles in America study, they took a look at the dating scene in Los Angeles versus New York to compare everything from who gets more dates to who’s more likely to look for commitment. If you’re single in Los Angeles and are looking for something a little more real, chances are, you’re going to have to weed out a lot of Tinder dates in order to find it.

According to Match’s 2016 Singles in America study of over 5,500 singles, it was found that a good majority of Los Angeles singles are interested in casual dating. In fact, about 75 percent of LA singles want to keep it non-committal. Los Angeles singles were also 64 percent more likely to go on a coffee date than New York singles, and were 100 percent more likely to choose sushi for a first date.

So, when it comes to dating, who dates the best? Here are some highlights from the study.

1. LA Singles Are Down With Public Sex

Singles in Los Angeles were found to be 36 percent more likely to have sex in public in comparison to New Yorkers. Looks like LA singles make the most out of nearby beaches and hiking trails. Nothing wrong with that.

2. LA Singles Go On More Dates

If you’re single and living in LA, chances are you’re having a better dating life than your friends on the east coast. As the survey found, Angelenos get more dates in one year, go on more second dates, and have more online dates than New Yorkers.

3. New Yorkers Want Commitment

But just because singles from LA are dating a lot more often, it doesn’t mean they’re finding lasting relationships. In fact, they’re more about casual fun. If you’re looking for commitment, New York is where it’s at. According to the survey, New York beats Los Angeles when it comes to those actively looking for commitment.

4. New Yorkers Write Off Dates Easily

When it comes to writing off a date, singles in Los Angeles will keep them around for about 12 days, while singles in New York keep it to a week.

5. Who Has More Exes

Since singles in LA date more, it only makes sense that they’d have more exes. Los Angeles singles have an average of 4.8 exes, while those in New York have an average of 3.76.

6. The Average Cost Of A Date

The average cost of a date in New York is $76. The average in Los Angeles is $67.70.

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