Watch Joe Manganiello & Jason Sudeikis Feud

Personally, I wouldn't mind being the subject of Joe Manganiello and Jason Sudeikis' affection. Both men are talented, good looking, and hilarious. Oh, did I say good looking? But in this exclusive clip from Tumbledown , starring the aforementioned men and Christine's Rebecca Hall, I can see how being the subject of their simultaneous attention might cause problems. No, really.

Tumbledown stars Sudeikis as Andrew, a writer who travels to Maine to do a story on the widow, Hannah (Hall), of a recently deceased popular singer. The two hit it off, and soon agree to co-write a biography of her late husband together. But Hannah's neighbors and friends clash with Andrew's out-of-towner sensibilities. Manganiello plays the outdoorsy suitor who lives next door, and Blythe Danner and Richard Masur take on the roles of her protective parents. Dianna Argon and Griffin Dunne also star in the film.

In the exclusive clip from the movie we see Sudeikis, Manganiello, and Hall having a candle-lit dinner and discussing the primal nature of man. In an attempt to intimidate Sudeikis' character, Manganiello argues that a hunter is more impressive (and useful to have around) than a gatherer, but Sudeikis' Andrew won't bite.

Tumbledown is playing in New York & Los Angeles theaters now and nationwide & On Demand Friday, Feb. 12th. Watch the exclusive clip below.