Dianna Agron's Role in Sam Smith Music Video Isn’t Her Only Exciting New Project — VIDEO

I love Sam Smith with his hauntingly beautiful voice and the gripping, soul searching lyrics that accompany it, but Smith's music video for "I'm Not the Only One," is all about one person, and that's Dianna Agron. Perhaps the irony in the music video role following Agron's departure from Glee, is that her character in the video is almost exactly who her alter ego Quinn Fabray had imagined herself to be back in Season 1 before her self-actualization. Alternate universe, perhaps? But there's no doubt this portrayal of a distraught and scorned, cigarette smoking wife is far edgier and more intense than Glee could ever be as a musical dramedy. "I'm Not the Only One," enables Agron to shed her beautiful facade that can sometimes stifle careers, and get to the core of who she is as an actress. She feels decades older than her 28 years is in this role and that's a good thing. It means the girl has some serious chops.

Agron's post-Glee career doesn't start or end with Smith's music video, though. Since saying goodbye to being a Glee series regular back in 2012, the actress has kept herself readily busy. In 2013, Agron starred in the film, The Family, along side the likes of Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones. And she's been piling on the projects, ensuring that we'll be seeing a lot more of Ms. Agron in very near future.

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Coming up in 2014, Agron is stars in three films: Zipper, a drama, where she plays opposite Lena Headey and Patrick Wilson; Tumbledown, a romantic comedy, which also stars Joe Manganiello, Jason Sudeikis, and Blythe Danner; and A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island, a thriller, that features actors Minnie Driver, John Leguizamo, and AnnaSophia Robb. Due to the nature of each film being inherently different in their genres, Agron's astute career path says one thing: she's not about to limit herself.

If you thought she had filled her plate with work in 2014, 2015 doesn't look any less hectic. She'll be starring in the films, Headlock, Bare, and Famous. Agron keeps her work well documented through her Twitter and Instagram, and while she's killing it professionally, it's good to know she's mixing work with pleasure, because it looks like she's having a blast. Something else her social media posts let us in on? That Agron is staying humble and she professes how truly appreciative she is of her various opportunities.

Check out what she's had to say below:

On Headlock:

On Tumbledown:

And just being the sweetest, in general:

Keep working it, girl. You're going places.