Nick Jonas & Lily Collins May Be A Thing Now

Here's an unexpected (yet totally exciting) celebrity romance: Nick Jonas is reportedly dating Lily Collins, according to Us Weekly. That's right, the newly single Jonas (who recently opened up about his past maybe-fling with Kate Hudson) and Collins (who reportedly broke up with on-and-off boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower in October) are allegedly an item. Bustle has reached out to Collins and Jonas' rep for comment, but has not yet heard back.

For the past few weeks, the "Jealous" singer and Mirror, Mirror star have been taking their romance all over Californ-i-a, Us reports, allegedly going bowling in L.A. (where they "spent the night laughing together") and hitting the ski slopes at Mammoth Mountain. And though sources differ on the seriousness of their supposed relationship ("Nick really likes Lily," says one insider, while another tells the mag that "it's not exclusive"), it seems like there is definitely something going on between the two. But let's take it back to the beginning for a sec: How did Jonas and Collins meet?

Us Weekly reports that the pair "have been friends for years," a statement that a Daily Mail insider told the paper in late January. Though their romance is much newer — "Nick and Lily only got together properly three weeks ago. Even though it’s a new relationship, they are crazy about each other," the Mail source claimed — the two have known each other for years. And there's photo evidence to prove it!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Jonas and Collins aren't in each others' Instagrams (much to my dismay), right here we have a depiction of what may have been their first actual meeting. The super fetus photo (look at baby-faced Nick!) was taken on the orange carpet at the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards, which was approximately seven years ago. While I'm busy contemplating how on Earth 2009 was seven years ago (time is a wizard), this could very well be the first time that that Collins and Jonas met — when the actor was interviewing the JoBros at the award show.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that they were introduced before this, considering they run in the same Hollywood circles. (Collins' father is legendary musician Phil Collins, so they also have that music connection.) Take, for example, this recent January day during which Demi Lovato split her time with both Collins and Jonas, going out with the actor for lunch and meeting up with Jonas to walk her dog. Sure, this whole thing happened during a period where Jonas and Collins were reportedly already a thing, but it proves that they obviously have mutual friends. I can only hope that Lovato was running around and telling each of them how much one liked the other, middle-school style.

No matter how Jonas and Collins met, it's clear that their relationship is one based on friendship, which usually provides a pretty solid platform for romance. I ship it!