Why Is Kylie's Lip Kit Shade Called 'Mary Jo?'

When this girl releases a new lip shade the world pretty much goes crazy. Kylie Jenner’s latest shade is called “Mary Jo,” and if in your whirlwind of excitement for the product to actually, you know, become available to shop you’re wondering, why is the Kylie Lip Kit is called Mary Jo in the first place? First of all, breathe. Just breathe and remain calm. I’ve got the answer.

Mary Jo is the first name of Kris Jenner’s mother, who they commonly refer to as M.J. on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, Jenner’s gone and named this classic red shade after her grandmother, which makes total sense. If we can count on anyone to have lady-like style down pat, it’s a grandma, and especially this gal’s grandma. Maybe the fact that she’s gone all sentimental with the name of this latest color means it’s near and dear to her heart. Does that mean it’ll sell out first? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Jenner’s been teasing this new hue on Instagram for a few days now, and each time she’s worn it, she’s looked like quite the lady. So, clearly, there’s no going wrong with this lip shade. A classy hue in honor of a very classy lady makes this her best product, yet, IMO.

The gang's all here! Including the most iconic of all lipstick shades, the beautiful, bright red Mary Jo.

They make quite the pair, IRL.

And in lipstick form, too.