When Can You Get The Red Kylie Lip Kit?

The Internet better get ready... or "red-y." Kylie Jenner teased a red Lip Kit color, which is easily her brightest, boldest Lip Kit shade yet. Last month, Jenner debuted the deep pink Posie K Lip Kit, crowdsourcing the name via a fan on social media. She revealed it was part of a new trio of colors designed for Valentine's Day, which we can assume the crimson color is part of. So she essentially announced the launch of "Season 2" of her Lip Kits, following the sold out, much-coveted original trifecta of neutral Lip Kits. We're still waiting on the restock of those, BTW, which her big sis Kourtney Kardashian hinted about. The big question is this: When will the red Kylie Lip Kit be available?

Well, an analysis of the past few weeks of clues indicates that it will go on sale soon. Like really soon. Here's what we know.

Two weeks ago, Jenner told fans that she was working on a Valentine's Day Lip Kit range that would include three colors and a new formula. Posie K came first. Now there's this red shade, which I hope she christens "Red Velvet." It falls in line with Posie K in terms of intensity and the fact that it's not a neutral like OG Lip Kit shades Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K.

Here's the arithmetic. Valentine's Day is a mere 12 days away. According to the official Kylie Lip Kit site, orders are processed within 36 to 48 hours and shipping takes 3-6 business days in the U.S. and 10-15 days internationally.

That equals "Not a lot of time to get these things in customer's hands and on their lips!," when you factor in variables like weather, shipping snafus, and/or human error.

Fans and customers will no doubt want the new shades — and remember, we haven't even seen the third shade yet and the brand's initial launch and restock sold out instantly — so Jenner's team and production plant are going to need to start selling and shipping these things ASAP.

The reality star was also in the lab, helping to assemble Lip Kit tubes, proving that production was well under way. Things appear to be on track; that is, they have product to sell.

Here is more proof that the Lip Kits are almost ready to go.

Based on all of these clues, hints, pieces of evidence, simple math, and accounting for shipping, I'm feeling like the on-sale is close. Like as soon as tomorrow close or at least by the end of the week. Time's a'tickin'. There is no time to play with makeupista's emotions. Jenner is getting us stoked and ready with her red Lip Kit tease.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Lip Kit By Kylie/Instagram (3)