ICYMI, Filled Cupcake Oreos Are So Good

You know that whenever Oreo releases a new flavor from its Wonder Vault, it's going to be good — it's pretty much one of the few precious things this world has to rely on. Filled Cupcake Oreos, the latest sandwich cookie from Nabisco to blow our collective minds, are definitely intriguing, but what do Filled Cupcake Oreos taste like? Like, yeah, you love Oreos, and you vividly remember the joy that resulted from finding a cream-filled snack cake in your lunchbox as a kid, but combine the two together? Is this too good to be true? Is this flat-out insane? There's only one way to find out — try them yourself.

Filled Cupcake Oreos won't hit stores until Feb. 8, but the cookie gods blessed me with a sneak preview earlier this week that I considered hoarding all to myself at first, until I realized the glory and popularity that awaited me if I kindly passed the package around my office. So, I did what anyone who loves being the center of attention would do — I shared, but with the caveat that everyone had to describe in one sentence how new Filled Cupcake Oreos taste. The verdict was overwhelmingly positive — there's a whole lot to love about a chocolate cookie filled with both chocolate and cupcake filling-flavored cream — but I'll let them tell you in their own words just what your taste buds have in store. Spoiler: Be excited.

Oreo describes its newest creation as "a rich, chocolate-y treat featuring a dollop of creme filling wrapped into a crunchy cookie exterior." They are not wrong:

But Bustle had a few other things to add. Here's what our editors had to say:

1. It tastes literally like a cupcake

"It kinda reminded me of when you come home and bake after school with your mom and she would let you eat the frosting."

2. It's kinda got a s'more vibe going for it

"It tasted like a regular Oreo, but with a slight toasted marshmallow flavor that was really pleasant."

3. It's best consumed whole

"It's the only Oreo that's ever made me want to bite directly into it instead of pulling it apart and eating the creme first, because the filled center is best enjoyed as a surprise."

4. It's a little overwhelming

"My taste buds are confused and don't know how to feel about it."

5. It should be paired with a mug of hot cocoa

"It tastes like a normal Oreo for the most part, but like someone maybe added hot chocolate mix to the filling." (Side note: Do they make hot chocolate-flavored Oreos? Because that should be a thing immediately.)

6. It leaves you wanting more

"It's like a toastier Oreo with a chocolatey (but not too chocolatey??) filling that is so good, I wish these came as Double Stuffed."

As for my own assessment? MORE PLEASE. Of all the Oreo flavors that have cropped up in the past few years — and there are a ton — these have to be my favorite. They're super chocolate-y, and remind me vaguely of the limited edition Brownie Batter variation that popped up a few months ago, only with an extra sweet twist. I think the person who described them as having a slight marshmallow taste absolutely nailed it. Try them for yourself, and then? Well, then it's time to see what else the Oreo Wonder Vault has in store for us. For what it's worth, I wasn't kidding when I said Hot Chocolate Oreos would be amazing.

Images: Getty Images; Oreo; Giphy