Don't Do This One Thing If You Have Colored Hair

I guess you can say that having colored hair is my thing. I've pretty much gone from red to brown to jet black, and everything in between. And although I haven't gone green like Kylie Jenner yet, I can totally understand how it feels to use your hair as a freeing experience. But with the freedom of self-expression comes the great responsibility of preserving the dye in your strands, and if there's anything I can teach you, it's the one thing that you shouldn't do if you have colored hair.

What is it? Simple: it's overwashing your hair. In general, you should try to restrict your hair to being washed throughout the week. But more specifically, when it comes to colored hair, you seriously need to avoid overwashing your locks. Trust, your color will last longer and your hair will feel less dry.

When Bustle spoke to Haleh Lekkos, a colorist from Base Color Bar, Lekkos explained that you should wash your colored hair every two to three days in order to preserve the color and your natural oils. I wish I would've known this earlier and had applied it to my haircare routine when I first dyed my hair. When I was in high school, I did a lot of extracurricular activities and sports, so washing my hair every day was sort of necessary, but that definitely meant that I lost color quicker than I wanted to. Nowadays though, maintaining colored hair has become much easier, especially when I don't overwash and preserve the color.

So instead of stripping color from your hair every day, here are additional ways to make sure your strands stay clean and your color is rich:

Use Dry Shampoo Instead

Verb Dry Shampoo, $14, Sephora

When I don't wash my hair every day, it can get sort of greasy. But instead of washing it, I'll just apply dry shampoo and I'm good to go. I'll still get that clean, non-oily feeling, but won't have to worry about losing all the color in my strands.

Do A Hair Glaze

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze, $9, Amazon

Having my hair glazed at least once a month is extremely important in making sure my color stays in tact. It's honestly one of the best treatments you can do for yourself at home at your own convenience. And instead of going to the salon for an expensive treatment, you can save money and totally DIY.


Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray, $8, Amazon

Yes, using SPF can totally be applied to your hair as well for protection. Garren of the Garren New York salon told Allure, "Ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cuticle of the hair and oxidize or bleach the color." So before you step outside into a sunny day, make sure to spritz your hair with a little bit of hair sunscreen.

Opt For Color-Safe Products

Oribe Shampoo For Beautiful Color, $44, Amazon

Whatever you do, make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. One time, I used a basic shampoo and conditioner, and it actually removed a lot of my hair dye when I dried it off with a towel. Using the right products is especially important for when you get your hair freshly-colored. You want to be delicate with your strands as much as possible.

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Images: Isla Murray/Bustle; Courtesy of Brands