Don't Say This To Someone With Colored Hair

I've been dying my hair since I was 16. Don't get me wrong — I love my natural hair color, but I just really enjoy switching up hair hues every now and then. Like any other mode of expression, coloring my hair is a way to show how I'm feeling and in all honesty, it just helps make me feel great sometimes, especially when I'm in need of a new look or feel. Now, I haven't gone as extreme as bleaching my hair, but since Kim Kardashian went platinum blonde this week, I've never been more tempted to try the daring color myself.

When I started to dye my hair, I didn't think too much of it. I just really wanted to try something new and luckily, the first modeling gig I landed actually requested that I color and style my hair a certain way. As a beauty-obsessed teenager, I thought, whoa, this is perfect! Little did I know how much work it was going to be to dye my hair, from touching up my roots on a regular basis to buying the right shampoo and conditioner. I had zero clue and knew that I had a lot to learn.

But it wasn't the maintenance that was the hardest part. It was actually all the unexpected comments I'd get from people who would stare and give me funny looks. Sure, I also got sweet compliments, but I mostly couldn't stop thinking about all of the outlandish and offensive remarks I received. Eventually, I learned to ignore it, but still — how annoying, right?!

Fast forward to now, at 23 years old, where my hair is still not its natural color. (Burgundy, browinsh-red to be exact.) You'd imagine it'd be completely normal and acceptable for a grown adult to have a different hair color from the one they were born with (or that people would know proper etiquette by now). But here's the sad news: I still get all those weird hair color questions and comments. Some things never change. For everyone out there who has dyed their hair, you've probably heard these aggravating comments before. And if you've never dyed your hair at all, try not to say these things to someone who has.

1. "Don't you know that you're damaging your hair?"

Yes, I do realize that there are consequences to dying my hair. But I'll take the heat and save myself from getting into a useless argument with whoever that asks.

2. "What is your real hair color even?"

Huh? I think the point of dying my hair was to not talk about how my hair used to look.

3. "You don't like your natural hair color?"

This one is sort of my favorite. I love my natural hair color, but I also love my favorite sweater. It doesn't mean that I'll wear my favorite sweater everyday.

4. "That color doesn't really match your style."

Thank you for your honesty. But my hair = my style.

5. "It doesn't even look natural."

And your point is?

6. "Why do you waste your money on hair color?"

It's actually not that expensive to color your hair if you do it yourself and really know how to do it. Besides, why are you questioning the way I spend my own money?

7. "You know your hair will never be the same, right?"

Don't worry, I can manage.

8. "What does your boyfriend think? Does he like it?"

I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is dating me for me, and not my hair.

9. "Did you regret it?"

So are you really trying to say that it looks bad on me? Because I don't really care.

10. "You don't even look like the same person."

I am the same person. I just think differently of you now.

Images: Catharine Acurso; Giphy (10)