12 Ways to Stop Body Odor That Actually Work

Body odor happens to everyone. While a drugstore deodorant may fix most people's stinkiest problems, sometimes the run-of-the-mill option just doesn't do the same job for everyone — and that's OK. If you've tried your hand at every roll-on, stick, and odor-buster out there to no avail, you're really not alone. Though you'll notice body odor most often when you sweat, the smell is actually the result of bacteria breaking down that sweat into acid.

The bacteria is there 24/7, unfortunately. But luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat even the worst of B.O. issues that you've never even considered, whether they address sweat levels, bacteria count, or both. You may be surprised to find that the seasoning you're adding to dinner could be a better bet for under-arm issues than the deodorant sitting on your dresser. And if you're applying your antiperspirant just before you head out the door, you might as well have forgotten to put it on completely. There are actually plenty of products that you've had in your pantry all along that might help you finally get the relief you want from embarrassing body odor problems.

Ahead are 12 different products you can try that have given plenty of people relief from their own body-odor issues. Most are completely organic and natural, too, so if you're looking to clean up your body-care routine, you've come to the right place.

Apply Antiperspirant Before Bed

How to Use: If you usually wake up smelling not-so-fresh, break the cycle! Use these doctor-recommended, best-selling antiperspirant sheets before bed to minimize the amount you're sweating in your sleep.

SweatBlock Antiperspirant, $20, Amazon

Why? These sheets continuously decrease your sweat levels over the course of your week, too. That lack of morning moisture creates less room for bacteria to hang around — meaning less body odor throughout the day. (Psst: Even if you shower in the morning, this antiperspirant does a full day's work the night before.)


How to Use: Mix these iron, calcium, and Vitamin B6-packed dried rosemary leaves with hot water and bathe in them for a luxurious evening — users lauded their incredibly fresh and fragrant scent. After soaking for 20 minutes, your skin should be feeling and smelling fresher than ever.

Rosemary Leaf Whole, $10, Amazon

Why? Rosemary stops bacteria growth from happening on your skin, and rosemary's naturally occurring menthol and chlorophyll are some of the best organic deodorizers you can find. Rosemary's zinc levels also restore your own, which is good news, as low zinc levels lead to body odor.

Alternative Method: If you're too busy for baths, apply this essential rosemary oil (diluted with water) directly under your arms as frequently as you would a deodorant. This rosemary oil comes with a glass dropper for precise measuring and is 100 percent natural plant extract, capturing a strong woody scent sure to overpower any natural odors from which you're suffering.

Therapeutic Grade Rosemary Oil, $16, Amazon

Witch Hazel

How to Use: Soak a cotton ball or pad into Thayers witch hazel (one of nature's best astringents), then apply as-needed under your arms or sweaty areas to get the job done. This one has organic aloe vera and rose petal infused in it, for added comfort.

Thayers Witch Hazel, $11, Amazon

Why? Witch hazel's natural astringent properties constrict pores, working as a natural antiperspirant to keep your body dry all day long. It also lowers pH levels simultaneously, freeing your skin from being a bacterial breeding ground.

Tea Tree Oil

How to Use: Tea-tree oil is a natural antiseptic, which means it kills bacteria and fungus — including the ones that make you smelly. This tea-tree oil is Amazon's best seller because its steam-distilled fresh leaves create one of the purest products possible with no fillers added.

First Botany Cosmetics Tea Tree Oil, $12, Amazon

Why? Tea-tree oil is commonly used in beauty products already because of its attractive scent. If you don't have sensitive skin, this natural remedy is tough enough to get your body back to its normal self.

Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Use: When you apply this apple cider vinegar to your problem areas, it lowers the pH levels of your skin, making it inhospitable and lowering that bacteria count. This particular vinegar's 100-percent organic apple formula is the number-one, best-selling apple vinegar and has been on the market for 114 years.

Apple Cider Vinegar, $5, Amazon

Why? "Mother" Apple Cider Vinegar is widely believed to be the purest and highest quality vinegar, as well. Simply dip a cotton pad into the vinegar, and wipe over the area of concern, whether it be your underarms, feet, or both. You can also try drinking two tablespoons mixed with water and honey to control odor throughout the day, or consume it in pill form. Otherwise, that bacteria mingles with sweat to create the unpleasant odor you hate.

These organic cotton makeup puffs are great to use with apple cider vinegar for treating sensitive skin, as they're soft and gentle without tearing apart once they rub against your skin. (Bonus: They're the best-rated organic cotton pads on Amazon right now.)

Organic Cotton Makeup Puff, $8, Amazon

Alternative Method: If it's easier for you to consume something orally, but the vinegar's a little tough to swallow, take it in this pill form, which boasts a 4.8 out of 5 star rating because of its easy-to-swallow size and generous 90-pill supply. A 2004 American Diabetes Foundation study also suggested consuming apple cider vinegar can even improve blood glucose levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements, $20, Amazon

Baking Soda

How to Use: Dust this number-one selling baking soda over your sweaty areas, and let it sit to absorb any moisture. (Bonus: This version comes with a scoop, so no need to dirty any cutlery!) After a few moments, you can brush off extra powder.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, $13, Amazon

Why? Baking soda basically sucks up sweat, and when your skin stays dry, it keeps bacteria from mixing to produce odor.

Alternative Method: If you'd like to work the material into the beauty routine you already have, switch out your current deodorant for this one, which is outfitted with the best-selling baking soda brand, in addition to all-natural deodorizers and a wide stick size for the most comfortable application possible.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant, $5, Amazon

Milk of Magnesia

How to Use: When vinegar doesn't cut it, milk of magnesia is your answer. Pour Phillips' Original Milk of Magnesia — the number-one brand for milk of magnesia on the market — into an empty roll-on deodorant container or spray bottle, and apply in the morning and at night. Plus, you can also apply this one your face before foundation to assuage oily T-zone problems.

Phillips' Original Milk of Magnesia, $4, Amazon

Alternative Method: If you're fighting foul body odor without sweating profusely, try the below magnesium deodorant. It's 100 percent aluminum-free, and the magnesium compound fights odor while allowing your body to naturally produce its normal sweat levels.

Magnesium Deodorant for Women , $13, Amazon

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