Here's How To See Your Facebook Friends Day Video

That social network we all use to keep track of each other — liking photos and sharing posts and such — turns 12 Thursday. Facebook is celebrating its birthday in typical fashion by making it all about you. The Menlo Park, California company has deemed Feb. 4 "Friends Day," and to recognize the new pseudo-holiday, they have made a video featuring you and your friends — and you know you want to watch it. Here's how.

Your "Friends Day" video combines memories from you and your Facebook friends and turns them into a shareable video clip. By midday Thursday, your clip should be at the top of your Facebook feed. If you're not that patient, you can click "watch yours" underneath a friend's video. The videos are much like the "year in review" ones, but in theory, they focus more on you and your friends being together.

The videos are cute. They feature two hands putting down note cards and pictures on a white background. It starts off saying hello to you, the user, and then says, "Here are your friends," while sharing pictures of them. Then, it moves on to what you've done together. Pictures from shared vacations, retreats, and college are sure to pop up. It ends with, "Your friends are pretty awesome." And Facebook wants to make sure it remains where you connect with them.

This is not the only way Facebook is celebrating the day. They also released a new figure that shows the average user is separated from any other user on Earth by only 3.57 degrees. In other words, you're about three and a half people away from any given stranger on Facebook — aka you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. The typical number thrown around is six, but for the 1.59 billion Facebook users, it's almost half that. In the United States, the number is even a bit lower — 3.46 degrees.

Facebook also commemorated the day by releasing a video featuring a group that started in Dublin, Ireland, called GirlCrew. Founded by a woman who didn't want to go out dancing alone, the group is designed to facilitate finding new friends and organizing events within a city. There are now more than 40 cities with spinoff chapters.

Finally, if there's a best friend whom you'd like to honor on "Friend Day," then you can get two packs of stickers — available for free — to send your besties in a private message. One is called "Best Friends" and the other is called "Friendship." Find them in the sticker store.

Even if you're not a big Facebook user, there's something nice about honoring your friends. Check it out, or send them a card the old-fashioned way. Happy Friends Day!