Combat Flip Flops Offer More Than Sandals

There are some folks who can impressively do anything in flip flops. And the makers of Combat Flip Flops are doing just that — the company has created jobs in war-torn countries and uses its profits to give back. So after Friday night's military-themed episode of Shark Tank, you'll want to know where to buy Combat Flip Flops, so you can wear awesome shoes with the right attitude.

Friday night's episode of Shark Tank will feature companies and products made by veterans or military spouses for the sharks to judge, then invest in or reject. Combat Flip Flops was founded by Matthew Griffin, a former army ranger captain who had bee deployed to Afghanistan many times, according to the Military Times. Later on, he returned as a civilian contractor and realized small business could help revitalize some war-torn areas. "I was amazed at how businesses were thriving in areas that I never thought could be recovered," Griffin told the Military Times in 2014. "I came to this realization that if you can give them something worth protecting on their own, they’re going to do that."

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Combat Flip Flops are currently available for purchase on the company's website, with prices that vary depending on the style. The website is also selling their line of men's and women's T-shirts and sweatshirts, along with other accessories. But if you want to know more before you buy, here's some more information on Combat Flip Flops.

The Motto

Men's Floperator Od Green, $35, Combat Flip Flops

On its website, Combat Flip Flops' motto is "Bad for running. Worse for fighting," so at least they know flip flops aren't sneakers. Some of us (ahem, me) learned that the hard and painful way.

Why Flip Flops?

According to the Military Times, Griffin came across a former Marine running a combat boot factory in Kabul, where the workers made flip flops out of the soles. And that's when the light bulb went off for Griffin. He asked the Marine permission to use the idea, and then recruited fellow soldier Donald Lee and Lee's friend Andy Sewrey to join the effort. By 2011, they launched.

Where They're Made

Combat Flip Flops tried to keep production in Afghanistan, but the next factory they tried closed down, according to the Military Times. Production moved to Bogota, Colombia, a country that has "had to deal with narco-trafficking, a counter-insurgency, years of war — in other words a lot like Afghanistan. It was the perfect fit for what we were trying to do," Griffin told the publication.

Types Of Flip Flops

Men's Floperator Od Green, $35, Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops sells 10 different styles of flip flops for your feet — including the men's and women's AK-47, the pink La Chancla, and the 2016 Floperator.

How Much?

Combat Flip Flops sell for various prices depending on the style, from the sale price of $19.99 to regular priced flip flops for $49.99.

T-Shirts & Accessories

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The brand also sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, shemagh (sourced and loomed in Kabul, according to the product description), sarongs, canvas bag, bangles, phone cases, and more. So if you're impressed by Combat Flip Flops' Shark Tankpitch, you can buy way more than sandals.

Image: Tyler Golden/ABC