Will Adnan's Hearing Be Part Of 'Serial' Season 2?

Serial fans who waited with breathless excitement for the next biweekly episode to turn up on Thursday were surprised when that wasn't all that they received. On the same day as the next episode of Serial Season 2, there was also a Serial Season 1 Update about Adnan Syed's Hearing, literally titled "Day 01, Adnan Syed's Hearing," that anyone who heard the news that Sarah Koenig was in court with Syed probably should have seen coming. (Perhaps you were too distracted being surprised at what Adnan Syed looks like today?) The post-conviction hearing is, according to Koenig, a "last ditch resort," in which Syed is asking for post-conviction relief on the grounds that his now-deceased attorney, Cristina Gutierrez, did not defend him to the best of her ability, or explore all of the available evidence and testimony, in 2000. So, will Serial Season 2 also cover Adnan Syed's hearing? Or was this Season 1 Update just a one-time thing?

Good news for those invested in Syed's case: Koenig has every intention of keeping us informed about Syed's post-conviction hearing. According to her, she'll be attending every single day of the hearing, and will be updating us about the proceedings on a day-by-day basis rather than on the weekly basis that we're hearing new information about Bowe Bergdahl's case.

The first update was initially recorded on February 2, according to Koenig, and then covered her call with her producer on February 3 about the first day of the case, which means that these updates have a turnover rate of about a day. That also means we could be drowning in glorious Serial abbreviated episodes between now and the next official Season 2 episode, depending on how much information Koenig decides to add to her summary of what happened in court that day. This is great news for fans of Season 1, especially fans of Season 1 who have been combing the news for updates on their own ever since they heard that Syed would be receiving a post-conviction hearing at all.

What happens during the hearing still remains to be seen, but at least we can remain assured that we'll be hearing all about it in Koenig's soothing radio tones.

Image: Serial