How To Celebrate Facebook "Friend Day"

As you might have noticed this morning when you signed online to do your one-eyed, half asleep interneting, Mr. Zuckerberg himself has created a holiday that he's calling Facebook's Friend Day. February 4 is actually the twelfth anniversary of Facebook's launch, meaning Facebook has just turned into a widemouthed tween with raging hormones and a penchant for Pizza Bagel Bites. To celebrate, Zuckerberg decided not to make it about him or the company's incredible progress and reach, rather he made it about what Facebook is about at its core: friendship. It's a place to keep in touch with friends, get closer to other friends and even meet new people. It really is one of the only networks we have that's solely geared towards nurturing and harvesting friendships. Awwww, right?

You're probably wondering though what Zuckerberg actually wants you to do on Friend Day. Besides allowing your homepage to generate a cute slideshow with pictures of you and your besties (but also someone random you never talk to because no algorithm is perfect). Well, here are six things I personally think you should do on Friend day, because Zuck wasn't too specific and how we should actually go about celebrating this new holiday.


Go through some of your older tagged photos of you and your friends and leave comments on the special ones. Your friends will log online today and be warmly surprised to see a blast from the past.


Go through your suggested friends and see if there's anyone in there that you might have met recently. Make an effort to connect with some future friends and send a note along with the friend request!


Scroll through your friends and look for people you haven't caught up with recently. Send them a message letting them know you're thinking about them and ask how they're doing. There's nothing better than a nice note from someone you weren't expecting to hear from.

Make Plans

Take a look at the people you talk to the most, I'll be a few of them you only talk to them online these days. Make the effort to schedule some real world plans with these friends, you know, in person.


Take a peek at some pages that are in-line with your personal interests. Maybe a local reading series, maybe a clothing store or musician. Go ahead and "Like" the pages you're into and expand your network.


Take today to repost some old photos onto your timeline, it is #TBT after all. Post a great picture of you and your friends and use the caption to let them know that you're thinking about them and why they're so important to you. Your friends mean the world to you, so go ahead and show them off — it's what Zuckerberg wants us to do!

Images: Giphy; Pixabay