Axe Commercial Remake "Old Lady Effect" Has Women Hot For Grandma

Oh, Grandma. That's not hairspray, it's AXE! In the hilarious AXE commercial remake "Old Lady Effect" by The Gay Women Channel, an elderly woman unsuspectedly reaches for a can of the potent deodorant on her vanity instead of the neighboring hairspray and doses her pearly locks. As she leaves her apartment to run errands, the woman gives a coy nod to a lady passerby applying lipgloss, who then smudges the gloss down her face in awe.

The video continues as the elderly woman ventures to the grocery store and a faint gust of wind carries her scent to nearby women, sending them into vampiric-like primal mode, very reminiscent of when Edward catches the scent of Bella's hair for the first time. The über-attractive women continue to hunt the clueless granny down as she runs from her car, to a church, only to get the surprise of her life.

This parody on the misogynistic commercials the deodorant brand typically airs is a refreshing and comedic take. The Gay Women Channel produces videos every Monday and Wednesday, so keep a look out for more gender-bending fun. In the meantime, maybe give your grandma a call and advise her to put her glasses on while getting ready for the day, just to ward off (if she so pleases) the intense attention.

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Image: AXE