7 Reasons Every '90s Girl Loved Bath & Body Works

by Sienna Fantozzi

Whatever your go-to store is now, back in the day, I think we can all share in the universal truth that Bath & Body Works was the best store in the mall. There's nothing like that feeling of walking past the store now, getting a whiff of some cucumber melon, and being transported straight back to junior high when it was the coolest spot to stock up on body mists and birthday presents. Oh, it was a simpler time...

Once you matured past your Limited Too days, you probably graduated to Bath & Body Works. It was the It store back when you were a pre-teen (also, still now. #noshame), and it was probably where you spent the majority of your time at the mall. And your allowance. Everyone loved Bath & Body Works, meaning that, for a few years there, probably every gift you gave and received with your friends came in one of their signature, checkered bags. And it never got old. It really never did.

Whether you've outgrown your love for the best smelling store in all the land, or still shop there on the regs, here are seven reasons that Bath & Body Works was every '90s girl's absolute favorite store in the mall. So much love for it right here.

1. You Could Actually Afford It

Everything was so affordable that your allowance actually went a seriously long way. There was no cooler feeling than being able to pull out your own money from your (Claire's) wallet and purchase something. Mom and dad, who?

2. ...But Your Parents Actually Let You Afford It

You wouldn't get in trouble if you came home with a bag of goodies from Bath & Body Works. It wasn't offensive to them, like Hot Topic probably was, and sometimes they even gave you extra money to spend! Score!

3. It Smelled Like Dessert

Three words: vanilla sugar anything.

4. Seasonal Scents

Pumpkin season at Bath & Body Works was bigger than a PSL has ever been.

5. It Made You Feel Like A Woman

Buying real perfume and body mists was everything. It was all very sophisticated. None of that Limited Too, kiddie stuff.

6. "Four For $20"

There were always bundles and freebies, and who can turn down a good deal? Of course you need four cucumber melon candles.

7. Everything Was Just So Pretty

Sparkly lotion, glitter sprays, pink lip balms — walking into that store was like walking into your 8th grade dance. It was so girlie and pretty and filled you with happy memories. Seriously, whoever thought growing up was a good idea?

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Images: Bath & Body Works/Instagram