Why Bralettes Are Supportive Enough For Your Girls

by Lindsey Rose Black

Obsessed with the elegant look of bralettes, but hesitant to try one out for fear your ladies will be bouncing all over the place? You’re not alone in wondering, “Are bralettes supportive enough?” I’m here to settle the debate once and for all. The answer is ultimately and absolutely yes.

I personally have small boobs and find thin little bralettes plenty supportive for my barely B-cup life. However, the same bralette I can wear would probably not work for my D-cup sister. If you’re on the bigger boobed side, you can definitely still find more supportive bralettes — you just might need to expand your search beyond the term “bralette” to find one that works.

In hopes of locating the perfect bralette for her larger chest, Bustle writer Amanda Richards chatted with Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell, a bra industry expert, who shared, “When you have a fuller bust, bralettes make it hard to give you the round, smooth bust shape that most women want … But some of the non-underwire or wireless lace bras often great support and give you the effect of a round, smooth bust. They’re sexy, light, look delicate, and feel feminine — and give you that ‘no fuss’ look you want.”

It’s really all about locating what feels good to you. Plus, who the heck cares if that gorgeous lacy thing you buy has the actual term “bralette” on the tag or not? If you’re on the hunt for a bralette/wireless lace bras, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite picks for you, no matter what size your lovely ladies are.

1. Soft And Pink

Cosabella Pink Bralette , $60, Nordstrom

The thick underband and adjustable straps of this bralette provide plenty of structure.

2. Bandeau

Bandeau Bralette, $24, Urban Outfitters

This bralette gives you the option of straps if you're looking for a touch more support.

3. White Lace

White Lace Bralette, $35, Hips And Curves

This stunner bralette includes a back closure and adjustable straps.

4. Comfort Black

Yours Clothing Plus Size Comfort Black Bra, $36, Amazon

This sexy wireless bra provides tons of support with its strong jacquard fabric.

5. Crushed Velvet

Crushed Velvet Bralette, $11, Asos

An unconventional take on the bralette, this crushed velvet features a very supportive elasticated underband.

6. Criss Cross Aqua

Cross Back Bralette, $20, Aerie

Thanks to the criss cross back, this aqua bralette won't leave you hanging.

7. Petal Purple

Petal Purple Bralette, $30, Comfort Choice

This gorgeous wireless lace bra includes gel-lined straps and easy on-off front hooks.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands