Hiddleston is a Very Bad Boy

Bless Superbowl commercial season. Not for the blatant consumerism, of course — more for the Tom Hiddleston. Because sure, the Thor: The Dark World press tour and all the wonders it brought with it may be long gone, but Tom Hiddleston is still great, and so is this Jaguar commercial. The commercial features the likes of three great British-voiced actors — Hiddleston, Ben Kingley, and Mark Strong — and actively plays off the longtime trend of Hollywood casting men like these in slinkily sexy villainous roles. Pretty much all that's missing is a Benedict Cumberbatch and an Idris Elba*.

*Elba hasn't played many villains yet, but c'mon, he should just be in everything.

It makes sense for Jaguar to hire three such debonair actors to plug their debonair cars, and it's sure to class up the fourth quarter of the Superbowl, which in general seems the opposite of debonair. The spot was directed by Tom Hooper, that Oscar-nominated dude who directed The King's Speech and Les Miserables, and the whole thing is called "Rendezvous," probably specifically so that you can picture rendezvousing with Tom Hiddleston on that private jet he's got at his disposal in the commercial. 20-something Hiddleston fangirls are the main target demographic for Jaguar, right?

Images: Jaguar