If You're Distracted, This App Deletes Your Work

by Dasha Fayvinova

Writing is an art form that usually doesn't come as easy as it seems. So now that we have Flowstate, an app that erases your work when you stop writing, you must take advantage of a breakthrough. It will be the greatest motivator — for some. I'm careful to say that because I know a lot of people, including myself, who cannot work under pressure. Some people, on the other hand, will find that this app is the answer to all of their procrastinating habits and will push them to bust out volumes of work in half the time.

The process is quite simple. You buy the app online from the iTunes application store where it will come at a hefty price of $14.99. Everything else is super simple. You name your project, pick a font and finally pick the amount of time you want to be forced to write. The catch is that if you select a time, no matter how long or short, you will have to keep writing. The moment you stop typing for more than five seconds, the previous text starts to disappear. Gone forever, never to return or be seen by the outside world.

According to the app creators, "Philosophers and spiritualists have discussed a state of mind known as the 'action of inaction,' or 'doing without doing,' that closely resembles what modern psychologists call a 'flow state'". I know exactly what they are talking about! Sometimes when you are really on a roll in terms of writing, ideas just flow out of you like out of a tap. I'm sure that's where the concept of muses came from. Achieving this state is not easy, and it's something that you really have to work on.

Writer's block is by the far the biggest reason why I find myself putting out material very slowly. There is no time to think about writer's block when you are typing away, praying that all your progress doesn't fade away due to a hesitation of thought flow. The app recommends that you use it for at least 15 minute intervals in order to achieve the flow state state. Below is the breakdown of how to use this app.

1. Name Your Document

You obviously have to title your work. (QUICKLY, I'm guessing.) That was the only rule my teachers seemed to all agree on from the time I was in preschool all the way to senior year of college.

2. Pick Your Time Increment And Font

Again, this is not for everyone. I know that if you have writer's block forcing yourself to write can sometimes help. There are also hundreds of other ways to help deal with writer's block, including joining a writer's group.

3. Type Away

You are off to writing a masterpiece. Or you are off to just writing. Sometimes the important thing is just to get yourself going. Once you are in the flow of things you can start to work with your Wi-Fi off and without the added distractions of social media. SO GET GOING PEOPLE!

Watch the full demonstration video below: