'House of Cards' Season Two Just Looks So Intense

Real talk: How amazing does season two of House of Cards look? Seriously, season one may have been a total nail-biter, but I'm feeling the same sense of suspense looking at mere stills or watching a promo for season two that I felt when I was watching the actual show during the first season. Could it be because certifiable sociopath Frank Underwood is now the Vice President of the United States? Or that Claire Underwood looks even more badass than ever? Either one, probably both. In any case, I'm totally anticipating season two, and you should be to. If you're not there yet, though, that's OK — maybe this will help. Thanks to Hypable, we now have a ton of new stills from season two of House of Cards , which is set to premiere on Netflix in full (as in, all episodes at once) on Valentine's day, Feb. 14. So, you know, if you had any romantic plans with your significant other, be sure to either change or cancel them so you can binge watch House of Cards. They'll understand. And, if they're a keeper, they'll watch with you!

Check out a few photos below, then head over to Hypable to see more.

Image: Netflix