18 Memorable Super Bowl Quotes

The Super Bowl is more than just a game... it's a game that more than 110 million viewers tune into every year. It's really no wonder that these memorable Super Bowl quotes below have so much weight to them. To us it might just feel like another football game our friends insist on watching while decked out in their team's colors and unnecessary face paint, but for the actual players on the field, it's a moment in history. Perspective, people.

That being said, no matter if you are tuning in for the commercials, the halftime show (Coldplay, anyone?), or the actual game itself, the fact of the matter is, you're tuning in. Now imagine if you had over 100 million people watching you catch and throw a ball... it's kind of a big deal, right? I guess the point I'm trying to get at is that the Super Bowl has an enormous power to effect the lives of the players who are participating in it, which makes these quotes seem pretty deep.

Remember, to us it may just be a game, but to the players, it's the pinnacle of a career. On that note, we should probably respect it as such.

1. "The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It's part of our culture like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays beyond their meaning, a factor in our economy." — Bob Schieffer

2. "That's the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl." — John Madden

3. "The Super Bowl is like a movie, and the quarterback is the leading man." — Leigh Steinberg

4. "Winning the Super Bowl was obviously a great one, but the joy I felt of going to the Super Bowl, it was what I felt about the Pittsburgh Steelers and where we came from, the history of us to that point." — Joe Greene

5. "I believed that I could go to the Super Bowl and win multiple Super Bowls and do all of those things. I believe in that every day." — Russell Wilson

6. "Let's be honest: I just want a Super Bowl ring." — Kate Mara

7. "You always want to have good balance. That's the key to winning a Super Bowl. You look at the teams who have won championships, you got to have balance. So, to be able to run the ball effectively and throw the ball effectively is what gives you the chance to win a world championship." — John Elway

8. "What the Super Bowl did for us was give us a sense of urgency." — George Jackson

9. "As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy... there's something about winning a Super Bowl." — Terry Bradshaw

10. "I believe that a bad Super Bowl halftime show is still better than a soccer game." — Ron White

11. "Our goal was to win, to win a Super Bowl, but also to win in the right way, to be role models to our community, to represent Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and the National Football League." — Tony Dungy

12. "The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun." — Sting

13. "The thing we found out was, when you get to a Super Bowl, both teams are treated the same, talked about in glowing terms. But when the game is over, only the team that won matters." — Don Shula

14. "Losing a Super Bowl destroys all the good things that happened to get you there." — Don Shula

15. "But I haven't met a player or a coach whose goal isn't to win the Super Bowl." — Pete Rozelle

16. "We don't just want to win the Super Bowl, we want to make a dynasty. I want to be a player who makes that a reality." — Shaun Alexander

17. "I want to know what it's like to play in a Super Bowl and win one. My career will be great without it. But, personally, selfishly, I want to know what it feels like." — Dan Marino

18. "I remember my dad asking me one time, and it's something that has always stuck with me: 'Why not you, Russ?' You know, why not me? Why not me in the Super Bowl?" — Russell Wilson

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