Watch the First 'TFiOS' Teaser Trailer

"I can't tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity." That's the one and only line in this first mini teaser trailer for The Fault In Our Stars , but if you read the book chances are that's enough. Such a great little infinity it is. The Fault In Our Stars, the Josh Boone-directed, Shailene Woodley-starring film being adapted from the incredibly popular John Green novel of the same name, doesn't come out until June 6, but the Green-sourced word is the trailer comes out tomorrow.

Until then we've got this teaser trailer thing to hold us over, but despite its incredibly brevity — it literally only lasts long enough for Woodley's Hazel Grace Lancaster to say one of her character's most notable lines to Ansel Elgort's Augustus Waters — it is a rather good teaser trailer thing. The teaser is especially notable for reminding me to be wary of my tear ducts, because if I can't even get through a teaser trailer so short without them acting up, I am freaking screwed come June. Dammit.

Still, we've sung the praises of Green's novel and its upcoming adaptation before, and we're certainly not going to shut up about it now that we've got actual footage actually becoming available. Only five more months, guys.

Image: 20th Century Fox