Who Is Geomancer On 'The Flash'

Just because Barry and Cisco are going to Earth-2 on The Flash doesn't mean that Earth-1 (or Harry's Earth-2, as he keeps reminding us) is taking a holiday. Who is Geomancer on The Flash ? Jay Garrick will be taking up the reigns to fight the metahuman of the week as Barry's substitute.

According to TVLine, who announced the casting of Adam Stafford in the role, Geomancer is "a dangerous metahuman with the ability to create earthquakes, [who] uses his powers with the intent of drawing out and destroying" Flash. The Australian actor is relatively unknown, but will have a two-episode arc on the CW series while half of the gang is chilling on Earth-2. Earthquakes? I get it. With Barry, Harry, and Cisco gone, this character will help shake things up. Hilarious.

In DC Comics specifically (there are geomancers in Valiant comics as well), the Geomancer is Adam Fells, a mercenary who has the power of geokinesis, meaning he can manipulate minerals with his mind. He often uses this to cause earthquakes, just like his CW counterpart. According to ComicBook.com's description of the character, "Adam Fells was a big fish in a small pond until he joined up with the Injustice Society and bad things started to befall him, building to his death." That's quite the destiny for a guest character!

The Injustice Society is a team of villains in the comics that as of this moment, do not include many Flash or Arrow characters. Huntress was part of that group once upon a time, as well as Legend of Tomorrow's Big Bad Vandal Savage. However, I don't necessarily think we're about to see the formation of this group in the CW/CBS universe. For one thing, you'd kind of need the superheroes of the Justice Society to team up first.

Personally, I hope Cisco didn't name this guy — because it's a really good name and I wanna see him steam about missing that opportunity. The word "geomancer" is also used to describe the practice of divination using dirt. You predict the future using markings on the ground instead of stars, tea leaves, or palm lines. It would be cool if the CW series used several interpretations of the word. However, causing earthquakes is trouble enough for Team Flash.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy