Barry & Cisco Are Headed To A Whole New World

Finally, after the tease at the beginning of the season, Barry Allen is going to Earth-2 on The Flash with Cisco Ramon and Harry, also known as Earth-2's Harrison Wells. They're going to take on Zoom and rescue Jessie Wells/Jessie Quick once and for all.

According to the promo, the first thing Barry and Cisco do when they get there is take a selfie. Sounds about right. However, I don't think it's all going to be fun and games and monorails. Earth-2 may look like EPCOT or Tomorrowland, but this is a working vacation. Plus, while next Tuesday's episode is titled "Welcome To Earth-2," which sounds fun, the one after that is titled "Escape From Earth-2," which is very not fun.

Some sweet news, for the 'shippers out here? A lot of this happened because of Iris. Her investigation (and amazing attempt to be cool with drag racers on the "other side of the other side of the tracks" with a furry vest and hair extensions) was tied to the metahuman of the week, and when Barry swooped in to rescue Wally West from Tar Pit, a shard of glass pierced Iris in the shoulder and put her in the hospital. If Harry hadn't stolen some of Barry's speed, Iris probably wouldn't have been hit at all. Barry noticed his change is speediness, and Harry confessed. The genius ultimately explained that he only agreed to work with Zoom to save his daughter, and asked if he could be sent back home in a way that closed all of the breaches and kept Earth-1 safe from Zoom.

However, Barry decided against both keeping Wells-2 locked up in S.T.A.R. Labs and banishing him to his home Earth. Harry may not be the nicest, but he is part of the team, so Barry and Cisco are joining him on this adventure. Honestly, I'm excited for this upcoming adventure. Not only will there be plenty of fun and danger to be had with dopplegangers, but we don't often get to see Barry and Cisco going on duo adventures on The Flash, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to geek out and save the day.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW