Britney Spears' Instagram Throwback Pics Will Make You Wish It Was 1999 All Over Again

You may not know this, but Britney Spears' Instagram is a goldmine. I mean, more recently than ever it's been hilarious because of it takes refreshingly human turns every so often. Like, every so often, the once white-hot princess of pop posts posts random Minions memes like your middle-aged aunt, so just soak that reality in for a bit. But, I think following her on Instagram is worth it alone for Spears' #TBT photos. Because who doesn't want to feel like it's 1999 up in here?

Now granted, Spears isn't really a throwback Thursday every Thursday kind of girl. She's not even too much of a #FBF sort of girl (and that is a WHOLE other woman, amirite?). Instead, Spears is the type to dig through her archives on special occasions, mainly birthdays, holidays, et al. So, in short, whenever we get a throwback picture from our girl, it's almost like a reward that transports us to simpler times, when men were boy bands and women wore plastic flared pants with a lace up crotch.

Siiiiiiigh. Yup, simpler times.

But don't take my word for it. As a treat, here are 16 delightfully retro pictures plucked from Britney Spears' Instagram feed.

1. This Old School ELLE Magazine Cover

Reminding us of a time where Britney was on top — boobs akimbo.

2. This Iconic Rolling Stone Cover

Everything about this screams turn-of-the-Millenium pop star sex symbol.

3. That Time She Went Retro With Her Patriotism For July 4

She is a true American inspiration. I mean, just look how that star-spangled shirt of hers magically jumps off her body!

4. The Time She Gave A Shout Out To Lynne Spears' For Mother's Day

Sidebar, was this photo taken in front of an empty closet or something... ?

5. And Again, Photo Booth Style

Loving her short bob — what was this for, though? Were they going to make buttons out of this? The mind boggles.

6. And Of COURSE She's All About National Sibling Day

Mostly I'm loving her and Jamie-Lynn on that scooter. A world of "why." Also, apparently she has a brother.

7. And That Brother Apparently Has A Birthday

As most people do. Look how happy they are together!

8. But Really, Let's Not Forget When Jamie-Lynn Was A Baby

I mean, this here is pre-Zoey 101, possibly even pre-All That.

9. Of Course Britney Also Has Her Famous Friends

Check out this great shot of her with Jay Leno's chin for proof.

10. Not To Mention An Awesome Relationship With Her Husband Madonna

Spoiler: there's no PDA pics on her profile.

11. And Then There's Her Body Of Work, Like The Timeless "Oops!... I Did It Again"

God, you can practically hear her clothes squeaking from here.

12. Or How About This Adorable "... Baby One More Time" Smirk?

Oh, Britney, daydreaming in class again?

13. And Then There Were Those Rare B-Sides

OK "Born To Make You Happy" isn't really a B-side so much as it's just a lesser-remembered song on her first album. I'm still all about that bob.

14. Plus, Her Myriad Of Accomplishments And Rewards

Wow, what a time.

15. We Want To Capture As Many Glorious Outfits As Possible

Like this weird, nude, bedazzled get-up.

16. But Mostly, It's All About Asking The Big Questions

Her name was Banana.

Yes, Spears' Instagram is a wonder to behold. Here's hoping she'll be throwing it back soon, Thursday or otherwise.

Images: Britney Spears, Instagram (16)