Bernie Sanders' Facial Expressions Won The Night

The fifth Democratic debate simply exceeded expectations as one barnburner of a clash between current front-runner Hillary Clinton and fellow candidate Bernie Sanders. Held at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, the Thursday night event marked the first time the two would go head-to-head. Martin O'Malley's suspension of his campaign on Monday has effectively paved the way for a distraction-free battle for the Democratic nomination. The heated affair has culminated in perhaps the best non-verbals out there and — hands down — Bernie Sanders had the best facial expressions of the night.

Even when Clinton was answering a question explicitly defending her record on matters of economics and universal health care, Sanders was shifting the spotlight away from the former secretary of state with his animated body language and seriously telling facial expressions. A bug-eyed Sanders bobbed his head back and forth, appearing to weigh Clinton's response to her Wall Street ties.

Some of Sanders' expressions are akin to Republican candidate Carly Fiorina's impatient eye roll at Jim Gilmore in their clear frustration. And let's not forget the fantastic side eye on display by Sanders from the previous debate. Sanders' expressions certainly speak to those watching the drama unfold between the candidates.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sanders has been frequently known to be expressive in his speeches. It's a matter that has been comically mocked by the likes of Larry David and SNL, and has carried the lulls of a two person debate, making the event compelling to even the most disinterested of voters.

Come for the first debate between just Sanders and Clinton, stay for the animated facial expressions that may be the true MVP of this fifth Democratic debate. Perhaps the only thing that can rival the momentum of Sanders' expressions is his now empty coffee cup. The Vermont senator must be drinking something truly special to have the impressive courage to stick his finger out and point at the disparaging remarks thrown between the two presidential hopefuls. Here's hoping the next debate includes some Clinton non-verbal shade as well.