The One Bernie GIF You Need In Your Life

Viewers of the past few Democratic debates are now well aware that candidate Bernie Sanders is the master of many things: the side-eye, weird hand gestures, and now, the exasperated head shake. Thursday night's MSNBC debate featured a much more heated Hillary Clinton and Sanders, who took on each other solo since low polling in the Iowa caucus forced former candidate Martin O'Malley to drop out of the presidential race. A formerly amiable relationship between the two candidates devolved into one where they questioned each other at every turn, and frankly, made for a great, much more interesting debate. Nevertheless (and perhaps because of this added pressure), viewers got the pleasure of one more of Sanders' head-shaking GIFs.

When it comes to Clinton's debate responses, they're always best when you can simultaneously see Sanders' reactions to them. He has never shied away from hiding his true emotions, and seemingly regardless of what the former secretary of state is saying, Sanders always has a strong, visible reaction. Thankfully, debate GIFs capture this. His gestures are practically a running commentary of the debates in and of themselves.

With this GIF, viewers can see Sanders appearing to literally weigh his options for a response with his eyes:

Now I'm not sure if physically displaying your mind's balancing act helps in the long run, but I still may give the ol' Sanders method a try:

  • Should I pay my student loan or go online shopping?
  • Go out or binge on Netflix at home?
  • Should I get guac or not?
  • Do I really want to pay extra for queso?
  • Study for finals or take a 4-year nap?
  • Go to the gym or sit around at home in cute gym clothes?
  • Buy a salad from Whole Foods or feed myself for a month?
  • Use the Juno or Mayfair filter?
  • Catch up in the group chat or pretend I didn't see anything and ignore everyone forever?
  • Go to the party or stay at home being a self-respecting cat lady?

In the case of these crucial life decisions, I'll see if my favorite Vermont senator can help me out.