Who Knew Football & Poop Went Together So Well?

One year after Nationwide aired the most depressing Super Bowl commercial that most people had ever seen, an ad so sad that it became a meme that would live in infamy, we're faced with yet another Super Bowl full of commercials in need of analysis. The Nationwide commercial stands out as the most OMG advertising moment of the 2015 Super Bowl, but what is the most standout theme of the Super Bowl 50 commercials? Were there more dead child ads? More dogs? Less dogs? Is feminism the name of the game, or are steamy marketing campaigns what people will be talking about for the rest of the year? It appears that the 2016 Super Bowl ads are all about poop and giving the audience way more information than they asked for. In so many ways. Let me explain what I mean.

Over the course of the match, we got to see commercials that featured poop. A lot of poop. Seriously, some ads made poop the real star of the 2016 Super Bowl, as was the case of the AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo commercial that featured the tumultuous quest of one brave man trying to do what we all take for granted: poop. Whether that was more or less heavy-handed than the Xifaxan commercial featuring a walking, talking, smiling colon that even went so far as to high-five a man on the sidewalk is a matter of opinion, but poop was really having a moment in the spotlight during Super Bowl 50. (Spoiler alert: that man didn't wash his hands.) And in case that was making you feel awkward, there was also a commercial about toenail fungus mixed into the bunch. (That Jublia toenail fungus mascot is actually really cute, considering, you know, what it is. Certainly cuter than the walking colon, anyway.)

The Super Bowl commercials didn't stop the TMI there, as we also got to see such things as the Super Bowl babies and the puppy monkey baby. The former commercial from the NFL celebrated the fact that, allegedly, many babies are born nine months after the Super Bowl — which is probably not something you want to think about when you remember that your parents religiously watch the match every year whether you're home to watch it with them or not. The latter commercial from Mountain Dew introduced an unholy creature known as the puppy monkey baby, which was apparently meant to combine three things that people really love, but that instead will probably go down in history as giving nightmares to half the audience. Personally, I need a Mountain Dew to get rid of the bad taste that creature left in my mouth.

With Super Bowl babies and bowel movements getting so much attention in the advertisement game this year, it seems that we won't have time to think about the Nationwide dead kid commercial ever again, because we'll be too busy trying to forget all of the various amounts of oversharing this year's batch of commercials did. I mean, I know that everyone poops, and that toenail fungus can happen to everyone, and that puppymonkeybaby isn't a real thing. But I also know that I wouldn't have otherwise associated any of those things with a football game.

Of course, these commercials were nothing if not memorable, and I respect them all for giving me something new and different to talk about on Monday morning. But, as far as themes go, all the poop and TMI in the 2016 Super Bowl commercials is real enough that the Internet is definitely talking about it. Whether the meme that is sure to follow will be better or worse than 2015's Nationwide dead kid meme is up to you.

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Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle; SocialUnderground/YouTube