5 Updated Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts For Millennials

Long gone are the days when "Hot Stuff" or "Be True" could be said with a straight face — unless you were reading a candy conversation heart verbatim. Suffice it to say, the cutesy one-liners that decorate this pastel saccharine staple are outdated (the candies date back to the 1800s), which causes one to wonder what kind of phrases we'd find on Valentine's Day conversation hearts for millennials.

Though times have changed, conversation hearts have not. They boast the same corny-but-cute sayings we came across when Valentine's Day still meant exchanging cartoon-decorated cardboard cards with your classmates. Maybe "Crazy 4 U" and "Sweet Pea" were never really grounded in the times, but they certainly speak to a notion of an old school Valentine's Day. There are a slew of contemporary catchphrases that would work as appropriate substitutes.

In an era of dating apps and "Hookup Culture," our love lexicon has evolved to reflect the new arena of millennial love (or something like it). Gone are pet names and unabashed professions of interest. Instead there's a language influenced by the nuances of the new dating game, complete with outward calculated casualness and inward anxiety that only sees the light of day via group text. Here are some imagined conversation hearts for the generation that swipes right to find their soul mates.


In this day and age, it's likes over love and retweets over romance.


We're there, we just haven't had The Talk yet.


I'm not deleting Tinder until he lets me leave a toothbrush at his place.


He hasn't proposed or anything yet, but will you be my bridesmaid?


Your love's got me spinning.

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