Upside Down Wine Glass Is The New Grown-Up Prank

Thirsty for a way to prank your friends at their faux-classy dinner party? Introducing the latest weird innovation in stemware: the upside down wine glass. This unusual chalice will liven up any lame party. Who needs canapés and caviar when you have abject hilarity at your fingertips? The trending product is the wine glass equivalent of a whoopee cushion, but so much better — 'cause there's wine.

For a mere $10 (or £6.95) from the online gadget shop RED5, this glass will give the illusion that you've forgotten how to drink properly, sipping from the stem instead of the rim. As you lift the upside down glass to your lips, chuckle with insidious glee, as your friends rush to stop you, fearing that you will spill that lovely merlot blend all over their new white carpet. The horror! When not a drop is spilt, leave them scratching their heads in inebriated befuddlement. This is literally the easiest party prank anyone could ever pull. Oh, and did I mention that you get to drink wine? Which makes it the BEST prank.

As you pour your lovely grigio, the wine will appear to float, hovering above the surface of the table. Each glass holds 375 ML of liquid, which is approximately half a bottle — just enough to get one nice and toasty.

Though currently out of stock on RED5, you might be able to snag them up on eBay.

But, what if you are more of a grain person than a grape person? You don't have to leave the hops at home to have fun. Turns out there are plenty of upside down glasses to hold all your beverages of choice. Check out the Fred and Friends Hopside Down beer glass currently retailing on Amazon for $13.20. Now when people ask you if you want a glass for your bottle of beer— you can have both!

Have you ever wished you could drink your wine out of a beer mug (and still be classy)? Another fun glass available finally gives vino sippers everywhere a handle on the situation. The Fred And Friends "Winestein" stemware mug is the best of both worlds. It is available on Amazon for $16.82, and makes drinking so much easier (as if we needed help).

Yes, there are so many excellent ways to enjoy your booze these days... we are truly #blessed. But over the weekend don't your arms get tired of holding all those glasses? When you need to give your hands a break and slow down on the drinking, where can you put your glass during a party or at a bar so it doesn't get knocked over? Turns out there is a solution ensuring that one's wine is always easily accessible, and that nobody accidentally drinks it or messes with it. The "hands-free wine glass lanyard" is the answer! It's like a baby carrier for your precious, precious booze! Sadly, it might not be the most fashionable accessory. But break this bad boy out, and you will certainly be the talk of the party.

Luckily, the basic black color of this Neoprene Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder matches any outfit. Retailing on Amazon for $9.59, it'll keep your winebaby safe!

Happy Weekend!

Images: Red5; Fred&Friends/Amazon; Fred&Friends/Amazon; Green-Sphere/Amazon; Giphy