Proof That Wine Makes You A Better Person

I have always said that I am my best self after two glasses of wine. And as it turns out, I'm not wrong. A new infographic from wine blog Vinepair lays out definitive proof that, indeed, wine makes us smarter, more creative, and more attractive people. And don't even get me started on all the other health benefits of wine that have been clearly documented by science through the years. It's the universe's gift to us lowly imbibing humans. In other words: Yes, you should go ahead and pour yourself another glass ... or at the very least, top off your drink. Hey, that bottle isn't going to finish itself.

Anyone who loves wine has probably already read up on this miracle beverage's many perks. In fact, if you're like me, you've probably even memorized a few of these scientific soundbites so that you never feel like you need to justify having that third glass of merlot. Science has had a lot to say: Drinking wine may help you live longer. A glass of vino can be just as good for you as an hour of exercise. Wine can protect your teeth. It makes you more confident. It's good for your heart. And as Vinepair points out, wine also makes us just downright better people. Drinking a glass of wine or two helps our brains to relax, meaning that we're able to think more clearly. Of course, drinking a glass of wine or five may have the opposite effect, but one highlighted study found that people who were moderately intoxicated (with a BAC of 0.075) were quicker problem solvers than sober participants. In the same study, people who had consumed a small amount of wine were also more likely to come up with "sudden insights," since they didn't spend as much time overthinking challenges.

So I guess wine isn't making us smarter, so to speak, but it is helping your brain reach its full potential. Sure, I'll cheers to that!

Another interesting takeaway? Drinking a single glass of wine can make you seem instantly more attractive, because it loosens your facial muscles and gives your complexion a healthy, rosy glow. A word of warning about this, though — it only applies to your first glass of wine. Get a few more drinks in you, and I can speak from personal experience that the effect is somewhat less ... flattering.

But hey, don't take my word for it. To see how wine makes you a better human being, check out Vinepair's infographic in full below. (And then maybe show it to all the haters as a big fat "told you so.")

So there you have it, folks: Clear evidence that wine is always a good idea. Now, only one question remains: Who wants to hit up happy hour with me tonight?

What does the perfect glass of wine look like? Check out our video below, and visit Bustle on YouTube.

Images: madmcphail/Instagram; Vinepair; Giphy (2)