The Valentine's Day Kylie Lip Kits Went Fast

As all of us lip kit-less folks out here know, the first batch of these babies sold out so quickly, it seemed like we hardly had time to blink before they were gone. Thankfully though, Kylie Jenner gave us all another shot with a second batch. But, will the new Kylie Lip Kits be restocked? Well, it seems like they are already back in the lab and hard at work. Plus, given that Kylie Lip Kit is now Kylie Cosmetics, there may be more than just lippies headed our way!

With three new shades in the mix, it’s no wonder people were quick to want the Kylie Lip Kits a second time around. I mean, even if you were lucky enough to snag a Dolce K the first time around, what if you wanted to own Posie K, too? Clearly, the lippies Jenner’s selling are addicting, and that’s why I’m praying I’ll come to own a shade (or six), plus an entire Kylie Cosmetics collection one day.

To all of those who were able to purchase one before they sold out this time, enjoy flaunting your gorgeous matte lips around. As for the rest of us, here’s to hoping we’re rocking new lippies and more very very soon. Fingers crossed!

The time will come!

Just look at all of the beautiful colors.

Oh, how I wish I could hold them all in my hand.

Mark my words, ehh, I mean, lips. I will own these. Someday!

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