Important News, Kylie Lip Kit Fans

The big day is here! With less than two weeks until the holiday, Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Day Lip Kits are arriving on Friday, according to an Instagram post on the brand's official feed. We endured weeks of them teasing colors, of Jenner crowdsourcing one of the names, and of the team going as far as to obscure the new shades with a black and white Insta filter all the while showing that the new Lip Kit colors were in production. But it's all worth it, as the new trio, which consists of the bright pink Posie K, the rich red Mary Jo, and the pastel pink Koko, is set to arrive. It appears that the newbies may also land alongside a restock of the original trio of neutrals, since Jenner and her crew have been posting photos of all the colors together in both tube and swatch-on-the-arm form. So that's a good indicator and hint that all the colors will be available.

That is, if you can beat the rush and actually complete your order successfully before the Lip Kits sell out. The initial launch and the sole restock sold out super fast.

While Jenner and her team did not reveal the exact time the new Lip Kits will be made available, they did encourage fans to check their Insta "tomorrow morning," which is now!

Since Jenner is based in California, "this morning" may mean her PST clock. So the Lip Kits could arrive around 9am PST, which would be 12 noon EST. I suggest refreshing their IG page incessantly and as often as possible so you don't miss out.

The big question remains: Did they manufacture enough Lip Kits to meet the incredible demand? Time will tell but I am certain the Twitterverse will lose its mind and fans and Lip Kit coveters (or "koveteurs") will tweet complaints and voice their displeasure if they are shut out. Kylie Lip Kits are pretty much makeup unicorns at this point!

Here are the colors as arm swatches. Note the "#ComingSuperSoon" hashtag.

Will the Lip Kits be sold as a complete set, as this box image might suggest? With all six colors in one package? Or will each "Season" be sold as its own set?

Relax, Lip Kit seekers. All will be answered at some point today. Godspeed and good luck with ordering.

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Images: Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (3); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)