Selena Gomez Praises Lorde In 'Seventeen' Interview & We Find it Refreshing


Selena Gomez and Lorde were both included in Seventeen's “17 Most Powerful Girls Under 21” list (and we have an opinion about that) — but since Selena was ranked in the number one spot, she gave an interview about her thoughts on girl power. However, we couldn't be more pleased that the "Slow Down" singer gave credit where credit is due to our new favorite role model for girls, Lorde. Selena Gomez says that although Lorde "doesn't really like" her, her message is empowering and that's the important thing.

If you need a reminder, Lorde voiced her opinion about "Come & Get It," and said that as a feminist, she took issue with how women are portrayed in Gomez's song. Gomez's response to Lorde's comment was a bit critical, but ultimately ended in praising Lorde's talent and predicting that she'll take over the music scene soon — and now with two Grammy awards under her belt, the "Royals" singer has started her rapid ascent.

While the two stars certainly don't have to be friends, it's refreshing that Selena cut to the chase and admitted that Lorde may not be her biggest fan — which is ok. What is important is Lorde's empowering message to young women, and I think it's great that Selena put that front and center.

Gomez also voiced how she finds her own girl power.

You can watch Gomez's interview below:

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