How Panthers Vs. Broncos Fans Measure Up In Bed

It’s finally Super Bowl weekend! America's favorite unofficial holiday. While many of us use the day as an excuse to get together with friends, test out the latest and greatest in tasty snack recipes, or to just see Beyoncé perform live, we can’t forget the main reason we’re even celebrating the day to begin with — FOOTBALL! This year, it’s Cam Newton’s Panthers versus Peyton Manning’s Broncos. Despite ESPN bringing Carolina and Panthers fans non-stop coverage of both teams leading up to the big game, there’s one all-important question we have yet to know the answer to: Who’s better in bed?

OK, not really. But SKYN Condoms did conduct a fun pre-Super Bowl sex survey to see how Carolina and Denver fans stacked up against each other in bed. The survey set out to answer questions such as who’s more likely to use protection? Who sexts the most? Most importantly, who’s more likely to say they’re “amazing” at sex?

Well, here are some fun stats you should know about Panthers versus Broncos fans in the bedroom, courtesy of the most recent SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey.

1. A Game Of Inches?

Carolina fans are almost twice as likely than Denver fans to say they have a penis eight inches or longer, the survey found.

2. Carolina Wins The Protection Game

When it comes to protection, Carolina wins. In fact, 68 percent of Panthers fans are more likely to wear a condom "always, most of the time, or sometimes" in comparison to the 48 percent of Broncos fans who said the same.

3. Sleeping With A Coach

Carolina fans were three times as likely to have slept with a coach than Denver fans.

4. Digital Touchdown

Carolina fans were also 35 percent more likely to sext once a week or more frequently than Denver fans.

5. Carolina Fans Say They're Better In Bed

While no one can really say for sure who’s better in bed, Carolina fans were more likely to describe themselves as either “amazing” or “very good” in bed in comparison to Denver fans. Hey, confidence goes a long way in the bedroom and the big game.

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