Caila's Post-'Bachelor' Life Will Make You Jealous

Since the contestants are mostly isolated during the show, it's often difficult to tell what everyone on The Bachelor is like outside of Bachelor Nation. Luckily for us, social media can be a great way to pick up a few clues about your favorites. Who is Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn in real life? To get a few ideas I took to Caila's Instagram and peeked inside her everyday life.

So much has changed since 2002 when this show began — can you imagine trying to overanalyze a reality star's AIM away message for clues? Anyway, we know from the show that Caila is a software sales representative, so she and Ben are in the same industry. You would think that would give her an advantage, but it's important to have other passions in life, and sometimes we look for partners who have complimenting or challenging interests.

Based on her Instagram, she seems like a pretty normal working girl with a solid aesthetic who likes food, friends, and travel as much as anyone else. Here are a few things I learned to save you the scroll and maybe sway you to her team as she continues on The Bachelor.

She Paints

At least, I'm fairly certain that these watercolors on her IG are her own. If not, then we know she's a fan of the medium.

She's Seen The Future

Ah, so maybe she was destined to be on this show. Also, why don't my work events have palm readers just chillin' table side?

But Her Job Is Serious

Working with software sales isn't all cocktail parties with fortune tellers.

She Also Teaches Dance

BollyX is maybe just what it sounds like, a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness.

She Has A Little Brother

A cute one, at that!

She Loves Boston

Caila went to school at Boston College and still lives and works in the area.

She Loves Christmas

More or less than Boston? Who's to say.

She's Always On The Go

Seriously, based on her Instagram, Caila never seems to be in the same city (or even country( twice. So jealous of her jet-setting lifestyle!

She's A Gamer

You know how hardcore Battleship can be...

She's Maybe The Best Employee Ever

That is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

She Does Summer Sports...

This was over two years ago, but still. There are also some pictures of her waterskiing.

...And Winter Sports

To be fair, this is practically a prerequisite for living in New England.

All Of The Sports!

Fishing, too? Caila seriously will try anything, even some intense go-karting!

This Puppy

The cutest puppy ever! Too much. No matter where she is or what she's doing, Caila seems to have a pretty active live. However, I'm sure Ben can keep up, so fingers-crossed that she stays on The Bachelor for a while!

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC