Nick Carter's New Song '19 In 1999' Is The Ode To The '90s You've Been Waiting For — VIDEO

You have to give Nick Carter credit: The guy knows his audience. On Friday, the former Backstreet boy Nick Carter released his new solo single “19 in 1999,” and, true to the name (or, at least, the year in the name) it’s one big homage to the ‘90s. In fact, there are so many ‘90s references in Carter’s new song and video that you feel like you’re swimming in them. Not that I’m complaining, of course — I’m a proud child of the ‘90s, and all of these throwbacks had me ooh-ing and aah-ing with the rest of 'em.

And I’m pretty sure that Nick Carter’s intent: I miss the '90s, and it's good to know Carter feels the same way. The song alone suggests it, talking about the time when “we” were young and free and had no responsibilities. Yep. Sounds like the ‘90s to me! The video, too, seems like one long #ThrowbackThursday, chock full of references that will bring even the most hard-hearted ‘90s child back to the time when things were more carefree. Basically, if you are old enough to have liked the Backstreet Boys when they were releasing songs like "I Want It That Way," then you are old enough to appreciate this video.

Carter totally has a read on you — and this video (as well as all of it’s awesome, ‘90s references) totally proves it. Need proof? Here are the most '90s references in the clip:

1. Listening To Tupac On A Boombox

Was there any other way?

2. Mixing Cereals

Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch was how we all rolled on a Saturday morning.

3. Sega Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog for lyfeeee.

4. Cassette Tapes

This is a wee bit outdated. We had CDs by then, after all. BUT — if you wanted to record something to listen to, chances are you had to record it on a cassette tape, because burning CDs didn't really become popular until the early '00s.

5. Silly String

It wasn’t a party without it.

6. Bleached Blonde Hair

Because everyone who was anyone had bleached tips in 1999.

7. Tube Socks With Filas

Don’t laugh. This was 100 percent fashionable back in 1999. So were soccer sandals with socks, depending on your region.

8. Lower Back Tattoos

Before they were looked down upon, they were just lower back tattoos, and they were so, so cool.

9. Backstreet Boys Cameos (!!)

The ‘90s were nothing without the Backstreet Boys, so AJ McLean's appearance is arguably the most '90s thing in this whole video.

10. Backstreet Boys Throwbacks

No one wore outfits like this one better than those boys did.

Now — excuse me while I go pull out my old Backstreet Boys T-shirts and listen to this on repeat.

Image: Nick Carter/YouTube (11)