Get Pumped For Game Day With Beyoncé Hair GIFs

by Katharine McEntee

If there is one person who's hair I admire, it has to be Beyoncé’s. From natural curls to voluminous tresses and even a short stint with a pixie, Bey is not one to shy away from a dramatic hair transformation. While I can’t wait to see the new ‘do that Yonce is bound to rock at the 2016 Super Bowl on Feb. 7, I thought it necessary to take a look back at Beyonce's best hair moments from her last stint at the Super Bowl in 2013 because, well, #HairGoals.

Besides being famous for her beautiful voice and killer dance moves, Beyoncé is arguably just as well known for her on stage hair flips. Her use of strategically-placed fans to create flowing locks and hair toss-heavy performances are just some of the many reasons I will be tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday. While fans have not always been Bey’s best friend — she was previously tangled up in one of her on stage wind machines while on tour in Montreal in 2013 — she has yet to give up on the powerful wind blowers. Clearly, the benefits of a major hair toss outweigh the potential hazards.

In honor of her glorious, voluminous, and bouncy locks, I’ve put together a roundup of Beyoncé’s best hair GIFs from her 2013 Super Bowl show. Scroll down to see some of the Queen's finest hair flips.

1. Bouncy Curls

While Beyoncé’s choreography can easily stand alone, her bouncy locks make her moves look even better.

2. Masterful Hair Flip

No further proof needed, Bey is the master of the hair flip, hands down.

3. Perfect Head Bang

Leave it to Queen Bey to make a head bang look beautiful and elegant.

4. Flowing Locks

Bey's face-framing layers complement her dance moves perfectly.

5. Killer Head Nod

A head nod never looked so good.

6. Slight Hair Shake

Before Taylor Swift was singing about it, Beyoncé was shaking it off on stage.

7. Massive Volume

Beyoncé's voluminous tresses are the stuff dreams are made of. I mean, even after all that dancing, Bey's hair still looks perfect.

8. The Hair Scrunch

From that smize to her ever-sexy hair scrunch, Beyoncé has mastered the I-woke-up-like-this look.

9. Blowing-In-The-Wind Hair

Beyoncé looks as though she is standing atop a mountain as her long and layered locks almost stand horizontal in the wind.

10. Everywhere Hair

When Beyoncé performs, she seems larger than life, and I'm willing to bet it has something to do with her hair (and her insane amount of talent, of course).

11. Over The Shoulder

Beyoncé's over the shoulder glance is anything but ordinary thanks to her gorgeous mane.

While I don't yet know what she will be singing on Feb. 7, one thing's for sure: Beyoncé's performance is bound to blow us away.

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