Bernie Sanders Will Reportedly Appear On 'Saturday Night Live’ & That's Not Even The Best Part

With another presidential election just around the corner (seriously, it's coming up really soon), the candidates are seriously picking up steam to get their messages out to the American people in the hope of securing votes when it comes time to cast them. Perhaps no candidate has received more interest and attention as of late — at least from the millennial generation — than Bernie Sanders, the Democratic senator from Vermont who's got a plan to change this country for the better that seems like it could actually work. Suddenly, politics is exciting again — and when it comes to Sanders' campaign, it's about to get even better. Sanders will reportedly appear on Saturday Night Live Feb. 6, according to a senior campaign official (per a report in the New York Times ), in a Larry David-hosted episode that's going to be downright amazing.

Sanders has been campaigning up in New Hampshire the past few days but plans to take a break in order to come down to New York City and appear on the late night sketch comedy series. After all, there's nothing like a little national TV exposure to boost your public profile, right? If the fact that Sanders is appearing on SNL wasn't enough, the fact that David — who has portrayed the politician on several previous occasions — is hosting that same episode and will sit down for a chat with Sanders sometime during the episode makes it must watch TV.

Everyone at Saturday Night Live is also pretty excited about the potential appearance, with the show's Twitter account posting a short video of David as the Senator on Friday afternoon. No doubt, it's about time Sanders made an appearance, given that his fellow democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump have both taken to the SNL stage over the past few months, in October and November 2015, respectively. It only seems right that Sanders joins in on the fun, don't you think?

Frankly, this is the first time I've really been interested in seeing a politician interrupt the fun times on Saturday Night Live. While it's understandably important for candidates to make appearances like this in order to make that coveted 18-35 demographic more aware of their messages, it's also got to make sense, and in Sanders' case, I truly feel like it does. Not only will he continue to stake his claim in an election that no one really thought he had a chance in just over a year ago, but he'll also probably bring some laughter with him.