Great News, Kylie Lip Kit Fans

by Kali Borovic

If you didn't get your hands on the six fabulous Lip Kit shades the first time around, don't worry! According to a post on Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram page, the Lip Kit by Kylie shades will be restocked on the regular from now on — maybe as frequently as every other week! This famous teen has been making some major beauty moves lately, and this could be a hint that she's ready to take the next step toward building her cosmetics empire.

When Jenner's first Lip Kits came out, I was convinced that they would be limited edition, but I was clearly very wrong. Not only were they recently restocked (with three brand new shades as well!), but the star took to her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram to reassure her fans that all six Kylie Lip Kit colors would be regularly available. Considering that the original release sold out in less than a minute, this is some pretty great news.

"I feel confident saying for now we will try our hardest to get more kits to you guys every week if not every other week," Jenner wrote on Instagram.

That's exciting news for everyone who couldn't get their hands on the shades the first few times around. Now you'll be able to save up some cash and #TreatYoSelf to one (or a few) of those fabulous hues.

Jenner also mentioned in the post that people should avoid buying her Lip Kits for triple the amount from third-party sellers. People took to just minutes after the products sold out and attempted to sell them for as high as $200 apiece. It's nice to hear from Jenner herself that there's more on the way, so you can save your money.

Along with the Lip Kit launch on Friday, the site changed its name from to The 18-year-old mentioned on her site that she would be expanding her beauty line, and this could mean that new products will be on the way soon.

Since the Kylie Lip Kits will be a staple item for the time being, there's no better time to check out some tutorials on how to use Jenner's products. Just look at how many different looks you can achieve with just the three original shades.

1. Brown Lips And Cat Eyes

She calls this a holiday look, but I see no shame in rocking the True Brown K every day of the year.

2. Sparkly Eyes And Subtle Lips

If you're looking to highlight your eyes and have a super wearable lip, Candy K is this color for you.

3. Super Wearable Smokey Eye

This is a gorgeous everyday look highlighting Jenner's Candy K shade.

4. Brown Eyes And Lips

Coordinate your face makeup with this fabulous semi-glam True Brown K tutorial.

5. Subtle Smokey Eye

Dolce K looks super feminine with this subtly smokey eye.

I can't wait for tutorials to be made with her Valentine's Day shades!

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