Kylie Jenner's Makeup Website Has A New Name

Beyoncé can drop an album without publicizing it, and this girl can change her website name at a moment’s notice and still sell out in under 30 minutes. Because when you reach their level of star status, you can do whatever you please. But, what is Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit website called now? Well, it’s been changed to Kylie Cosmetics, because she’s moving on from just lippies to include even more makeup. And I already know, I’m going to want everything that becomes available to shop on I just am.

Jenner made the switch right before her Valentine’s Day edition of lipsticks became available to shop. The brand’s social media accounts have been changed to reflect the update, so if you’ve been searching for LipKitbyKylie, get with it, already. She’s on to bigger and better things, you guys.

She’s let us in on the fact that she is planning to expand the brand, but I’m thinking it could happen sooner rather than later. Especially since, you know, now that she’s gone and changed the name at the last minute and everything. Jenner’s just making sure we’re good and comfortable with the new name before she releases her new products, I’m sure. Because that’s just good business. This lady definitely knows a thing or two about that.

She first announced the news via social media.

And as you can see, her accounts can be found using @kyliecosmetics.

This girl moves quickly, so be sure you can keep up because more products are coming soon!