Melissa McCarthy Renames Super Bowl In 'SNL' Promo

A new week, a new Saturday Night Live episode. (Well, usually. They take a lot of breaks it seems.) This Saturday, Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL and new promos have just been released. In the clips, McCarthy teams up with Kenan Thompson to rename the Super Bowl, sing a made up Imagine Dragons song, and discuss the authenticity of a newspaper Olympic torch.

The NFL is notoriously controlling when it comes to the use of the words Super Bowl — am I even allowed to say that here? Don't come find me, NFL! McCarthy and Thompson poke fun at this in the preview by listing approved alternative names. For example, "Televised Man Battle with Ball" and "Contest of Helmets and Strategy."

In another short promo, McCarthy sings a fake song called "Imagine Dragons" playing around with the name of this week's musical guest. We also get a taste of the Olympics when McCarthy thinks she's gotten hold of the actual Olympic torch which is really a rolled up newspaper that was given to her with a lighter.

Personally, I didn't find McCarthy's promos as funny as others have been in the past, so hopefully the episode itself will prove better. There will very likely be a Super Bowl themed sketch since the game is the next day and probably some more Olympic talk as well. It's hard to know what else to expect since McCarthy's previous hosting gigs included skits as random as a ranch dressing taste test.

If you're like me and don't feel totally drawn in by McCarthy's previews, you still might want to check this episode out. It will be Seth Meyer's last night on SNL before Late Night premieres on Feb. 24, so even if this episode doesn't have you laughing until you cry, you might just cry because "Oh no! Seth Meyers! Don't gooooo!"

Check out Melissa McCarthy's promo clips for yourself below: