How To Buy 'Formation' Merch

Boy, oh boy, does this music artist know how to make our day or what? Not only did she release a new song and music video before a day before her half-time performance, but there’s also already merch available to shop on top of it. Find out how to buy Beyoncé’s “Formation” collection, because you’re going to want to get in on these pieces as quickly as you can.

The pieces are already available to shop on because when it comes to fashion, music and marketing (or lack there of), this woman is on top of it. She is back and better than ever with this new music, and the fact that you can wear her lyrics makes it all the better. Thank you for making my life, Yoncé! Seriously, though, can we take a moment of silence in her honor? First she surprised us with a song, then a meaningful music video, and now, a collection of awesome clothes.

OK, now that we’ve paid the appropriate respect, let’s get on to talking about that “Formation” gear, shall we? There are six pieces available to shop including everything from phone cases to baseball hats. If you’re feeling the new song (and who isn’t?) then, get to shopping already. What would Yoncé do? She’d twirl on her haters, and you know what— with clothing and accessories this good, so can you.

Now, let's get in formation (clothing).

1. Haters Sweatshirt

Haters Crewneck Sweatshirt, $60,

Got to love a sweatshirt with a message of self love.

2. Slay

Slay Tee, $35,

Go on and slay Yoncé style.

3. Conversational Tee

Conversational Tee, $35,

So fierce.

4. Hot Sauce Hat

Picante Dad Hat, $36,

This is basically the coolest hat I've ever seen.

5. Hot Sauce Bag

Conversational Tote, $25,


6. You Know Phone Case

Conversational iPhone Case, $25,

Who doesn't want Beyonce on their phone?

New song, video and merchandise all in the same day. Leave it to Beyoncé to go and do something like this.

The one and only.

Images: Courtesy Brand (6); Youtube (1); Giphy (1)