NOT A DRILL: Beyonce Just Dropped A Surprise Song

Guys, Christmas just came really, really early: On Saturday, Beyoncé released a surprise song, "Formation" — and a surprise music video for it too. Beyoncé is performing during Super Bowl 50 halftime show, along with Coldplay on Sunday, but no one was expecting a brand new song and music video this weekend. But hey: Leave it to Bey to pull off a surprise this epic in the Internet age. I'm pretty sure only she's capable of it.

Now the real question is, how good is this new song/video combo? Even better than what you are imagining. The video uses provocative imagery that evokes Katrina and police violence, while the lyrics focus in on Beyoncé's life. She takes down the paparazzi, all of her haters, and speaks up for her cultural heritage. It's a powerful one-two punch of cultural and personal commentary.

Beyoncé even makes the video a family affair by including her daughter, Blue Ivy, in the video (who is absolutely adorable, by the way). Bey is teaching her daughter to "slay" at an early age, and that will only make you admire her more. With all of these extremely intimate touches, this could be Beyoncé's best video yet, and no, I'm not being hyperbolic.

The Broncos and the Panthers may be the ones taking the field on Sunday, but if Bey takes to the stage with "Formation" during halftime, she is going to be the one who wins the game. All bow before Bey, and check out her stunning video below. I promise she will not only "slay" you, but also leave you hitting replay for the rest of the day.