See Vanessa Hudgens' Touching Tribute To Her Late Father — PHOTO

Ever since she gained fame from High School Musical , Vanessa Hudgens has been beloved by fans, with many people rooting for her success in film, TV, music, and other arenas. Unfortunately, recent support for the star has been due to a much sadder reason: the death of her father, Greg Hudgens, who passed away from cancer on Jan. 30. When Hudgens announced her father's passing just one day before her performance in Grease Live!, friends and fans alike showed their love, and when the star posted an Instagram over the weekend that paid tribute to her late father, many quickly rallied to her side.

In the post, Hudgens posted the quote "I wish heaven had visiting hours," captioning the photo, "if only..." It's heartbreaking to see, but the star's openness in discussing her feelings of loss on social media touched my soul, and judging by the comments on the post, that of many other fans', too. It's truly great to see that Hudgens is getting so many well-wishes and notes of support on this photo and the other things she's posted since her father's death, and to know that the grieving star is getting plenty of positive vibes sent her way.

Especially when it came to her Grease, Live! performance last week. Hudgens absolutely killed it on the show, despite her father passing away just one day earlier. Going to work the day after a huge loss is never easy, but the star nailed her performance, and many of her friends and fans were quick to congratulate her on her incredible feat. The dedication Hudgens showed in making sure the show went on — and dedicating her performance to her father — despite her fresh loss was hugely inspiring.

It's so good to see that Hudgens is continuing to get such support from her fans as she deals with the tragic loss of her father.

Images: vanessahudgens/Instagram