8 Perfect Drinks For The Super Bowl

Whether you consider yourself a die-hard Broncos fan or pledge allegiance to the Panthers (or don't care a single lick about it all), we all stand united behind Super Bowl drinks, wings, nachos, and snacks. While you honestly can't go wrong no matter what you serve on game day — heck, haul out the boxed wine, if that's your thing — having a festive drink in hand is one of the surest ways to get you in the Super Bowl spirit.

While beer is usually a go-to during the Super Bowl, it can feel a little boring. You can order up a brew any day of the year — use this opportunity to channel your inner mixologist who's been waiting to flex her muscles. Whether you whip up your signature Bloody Mary or try out a drink in your favorite team's colors, show the world that you can do better than filling up a cooler full of cans. Regardless of the game's outcome, you will still feel like a winner.

Oh, and of course, drink responsibly. The game goes on for a good three or four hours — remember to pace yourself, and drink plenty of water. That's one party trick that will never let you down.

1. Blue Whale

Even Broncos fans would probably agree — this drink looks freaking gorgeous. Pass the Sushi combines blue curacao, pineapple juice, and rum to make this gem of a cocktail.

2. Mango Margarita

It wouldn't be fair to Broncos fans to not include a drink boasting their team colors, too. Try a fruity margarita like this mango concoction by Foodie Crush. Chile salt seals the deal.

3. Sriracha Beer Cocktail

OK fine, we can have beer. But, we're mixing it with Sriracha and lime juice like The Kitchn, to literally spice things up.

4. Bloody Mary

There's never a bad time for a Bloody Mary. Customize your drink however you see fit — the Jelly Toast Blog has some incredible ideas for a DIY Bloody Mary bar so that everyone can have exactly what they're craving.

5. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail

For sophisticated party-goers looking to warm up, this swanky sip by The Little Epicurean has everything you could possibly want.

6. Blood Orange Pomegranate Sangria

You can make this easy sangria by Cookie and Kate in one big batch, making it a simple serving option if you're throwing a party.

7. Beergaritas

These beergaritas by A Cozy Kitchen just go to show you really can have it all. Just add lime juice and your favorite lager.

8. Classic Margarita

Or, keep it old school with a traditional margarita. Nothing is more fun. Find the perfect crowd-pleasing recipe at Averie Cooks.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Pass the Sushi; Foodie Crush; The Kitchn; Jelly Toast Blog; The Little Epicurean; Cookie and Kate; A Cozy Kitchen; Averie Cooks